An Aside

Happy Friday all! It’s been kind of a rough week so I don’t have a high 5 for friday planned like I usually do, but I thought I’d pop in with a little tidbit.

Matt has just wrapped up his bachelor’s degree and will most likely be starting his master’s in September. He’d like to get his doctorate as well, and for some reason every doctoral program in English we can find requires he be fluent in another language. I have no idea why but he has chosen to learn German and is just starting out learning on Rosetta Stone.

Being the amazing fiance that I am I have decided to try to learn it to, so he has someone to practice with.

The way Rosetta Stone works is it sort of forces you to learn the language by default- it just shows you a bunch of pictures and tells you what the are in German and your brain figures it out from there and puts the pieces together. Then you recite things back into your little headset and it moves right on along.

Well my brain does not put the pieces together.

Matt is trucking along, totally getting it and being awesome.

Meanwhile when I sit down with my little headset the lady in the computer says something to me in German, I swear at her in Italian, then she beeps at me and we start over. Fungoola.


Anyone else ever try Rosetta Stone?


5 thoughts on “An Aside

  1. HAHA thank you for the Friday morning laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never tried Rosetta Stone, but I want to. I already know a good bit of spanish (DEFINITELY NOT fluent though) so I think it’d probably be easier than learning German ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was SO hoping he’d pick Spanish because I’ve already got a lot of that down pat, and at least a general understanding of it to make the rest easier. But no…. he chose German. Probably the absolute least useful language for an american to learn, lol.

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