How I Showed My Closet Who’s Boss: Part I

Most of the projects I do around here get done because I just can’t stand to look at something any more. Such was the case with my closet… one morning I just woke up and absolutely couldn’t take it anymore.

Here’s why:


When we moved into the house one of the mirrored doors was just leaning against the closet, not attached at all. I threw it in the trash because mirrored doors sucked anyway. But then we got a puppy and so I put this gate thing I found in the shed up against the closet door so he couldn’t get in and eat all my shoes. And it’s stayed that way for a year and a half. It’s disgusting, you’ll notice in other posts about the bedroom I shoot around it because I hate it so much. Finally, I couldn’t freaking live one more day with this monstrosity.

I brainstormed all day at work about how I was going to take this mother down and what I would put up to replace it- with a budget of $0 because that’s my budget for pretty much everything. When I got home from work I went through my hoard and marched upstairs with a screwdriver, a bedsheet, and a curtain rod. In a dreamworld I would have bought lovely doors for this closet, but those aren’t free. So after I took out some screws from the door and added some different screws in the wall I ended up with this:


The closet door was literally only attached with two screws, it took under 5 minutes to get it off. The sheet is actually the sheet that goes with our bedset, but we’re weird and only use comforters so it’s just been used to protect our couch from dog paws. The curtain rod was leftover from our old apartment.

The sheet was queen sized so it had to be hemmed up about 16 inches, which I did with stitch witchery (no sew adhesive, see here). Then I just cut a hole on either end of the top pocket and slid it on the curtain rod.

But obviously while I was at it I cleaned my closet as well:

ooooh! ahhh!

ooooh! ahhh!

  • I moved all my excess duffel bags and totes into the guest room closet.
  • On the top shelf of the closet are totes and purses I use regularly and all my long sleeved shirts.
  • On the rod are, in this order: black pants, jeans, brown pants, summer pants, cardigans, button ups, dusters, dresses, zip ups, suit jackets (Note: I highly recommend you all go out and buy layered hangers for your pants- like these ones)
  • The floor from left to right has: sneakers (can’t see them), a tote for hats and scarves, a three draw chest (nylons, knee highs, and socks), another three draw chest (corkscrew open toed shoes, regular open toed shoes, flip flops and ballet flats), and a three shelf metal thingy that has been rearranged since this picture (black and brown shoes, color shoes, black boots)

And yeah, I still have a full bureau of clothes and an entire second closet downstairs with the rest of my shoes and all of my jackets. Yiikes.

But anyway, closed up the closet looks like this:

welcome to blahdom, population: this wall.

welcome to Boring Town, population: this wall.

The curtain is obviously less than ideal, but it does the trick and it matches the rest of the room. But you KNOW I didn’t leave that whole sad wall empty for long….

There's my main squeeze, drilling into the ceiling.

There’s my main squeeze, drilling into the ceiling.

Come back tomorrow to see what else we did!!

That’s right friends- A CLIFFHANGER!!


14 thoughts on “How I Showed My Closet Who’s Boss: Part I

  1. you are crazy! one of my favorite things in the summer is to sleep under just a flat sheet. aaaahhhhhhh… 🙂

    closet looks great though! can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Looking good! Someday I will teach you how to sew. I insist of two sheets at all times, but our older ones also make good drop clothes for painting.
    Cliff hanger……… NOOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t stand the suspense!

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