Hey Girl.

Today I’m playing along with a make-your-own Hey Girl challenge. You know  Hey Girl….. all those studly pictures of Ryan Gosling telling us how everything we do is amazing and perfect all the time.

I’m a regular reader of View Along the Way and she teamed up with Domestic Imperfection,  Bliss RanchTwo Twenty One, and Decor and the Dog for a fun little little party.

Kelly says:

“You find your sultriest photos of your man and hey-girl-ify him. You can use something he’s actually said in real life, or just something you dream of hearing him say someday.”

and for the single ladies:” This party is for you too! Just hey-girl-ify your favorite celeb, your dog, a piece of chocolate cake, or whatever you love.”

Here’s my amazing Hey Girl’s… try and contain the overwhelming turned-on-ness you’re about to feel…



You’re damn right I do.


Even though we’re adults we sure don’t have to act like it.

matthew 2

You know it’s good.

And one last one for the other man in my life:

dutch hey girl


30 thoughts on “Hey Girl.

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  2. Ha ha, the last one was hilarious!

    Anja @ cocalores.blogspot.com

    PS I have no idea what it is with dogs and cat food… mine is showing a bit of a strange behaviour there, too!

  3. STEPHANIE. STOP IT. This is TOO much. I am dying over every one of yours. I *also* always have the right-of-way, and please do not question it. 🙂 These were easily some of my top faves today. You killed it, my friend.

  4. OMG i died at the last one!!!! my dog eats his own poop in the yard and i almost made a caption about it, but i went for his butt scratching on the floor instead. and love the britney one!!!!!

  5. LOL The one with your dog reminds me of our dog…he totally does this! ewwww And the pics of your man are awesome too!
    Having fun browsing all the links on this party, what a super idea!

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