4th Annual Walk for Tish

I’m going to deter from my usual DIY and baking shenanigans today to talk a little bit about something very precious to me. I hope you don’t mind!

You may or may not have noticed there’s a new little page  at the top of this blog titled 4th Annual Walk for Tish.

Basically, for the 4th year in a row, my family and I will be walking to raise money for the home where my cousin Tish is a permanent resident. A few years back my Aunt Angie passed away leaving, among others, her daughter Tish behind. Every year since my brother and I have taken charge to raise money and walk in a fundraiser for her home, New England Pediatric Care (N.E.P.C.).

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Please consider making a donation of any amount to help us- and if you can’t donate, kind words are equally appreciated. All of the funds go directly to N.E.P.C., not to me, and they will directly impact people like Tish in an amazingly positive way.

family with tish

Top row: Papa, my mom, my brother Ryan, my sister in law Karen (and Jack was in her stomach last year!)

Bottom row: Nonna, Tish, Dutch Butt, me, and my dad



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