High 5 for Friday

Happy end of the week, friends! I hope it flew by for you. Here’s my top 5, linked up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk:


1. We spent the weekend with my family, mainly my new favorite person in the world Jack Attack. My sweet nephew is now 6 months old and so so much fun. Check out his mad dancing skillz:

2.I got a smartphone on Monday…. yes, before Monday I was a smartphone-less blogger. It was blasphemy. But to be  honest, I didn’t want one. I just wanted a phone that would make phone calls, apparently that does not exist anymore. Anywho, I dove right in and now I’m on instagram. So if you’ve been hankering for more pictures of my pets that’s the place for you!

riveting stuff, I know.

riveting stuff, I know.

3. I created a new page here on the ol’ blog, 4th Annual Walk for Tish to fund raise for  a walk that means a whole lot to me. Please consider checking it out and leaving a kind word or donating.

family with tish

4. Tuesday night Matt & I  had a really nice impromtu happy hour date at Chili’s. We had to get my contacts transferred over to the new phone and Chili’s just so happened to be right next door- so I had me a Corona, some skillet cheese & chips, and a quesadilla. OM NOM NOM. We had a lovely time. 🙂

5. Last night the program I work for ran it’s first family night and we had a great turn out with some super cute kiddos in attendance. I’m glad it was such a hit, because normally we only run programs on dull stuff like time management and how to read a textbook. Hopefully we can do it again next year!


4 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

  1. I’ve been thinking of jumping on board with Instagram, too….it makes more sense to me than twitter. I think maybe I’ll start subscribing to other people’s today as a sort of research period before I start my own. Also, I have to clear some space on my phone (or do I? I have no idea….do the pictures stay on my phone or is it all web based?)

    • if I go to the gallery section of my phone, there’s a folder called instagram and all the pictures are in there… so i’m guessing they are also saved to my phone? however, if i delete one from the folder it doesn’t not delete it from instagram.
      I also have a teeny tiny memory card in my phone, so the storage is pretty unlimited.
      i definitely like it better then twitter, twitter is overwhelming me lately!

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