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I promise next week I’ll have a real, actual project to show you but you know what… sometimes life gets in the way and you have a bit of a blog burnout and you need a breather.

Since I have so many new followers (woo hoo! welcome!) I thought I’d do a little re-run and share 3 of my most pinned projects, in case you missed them:


1. Baby Shower Bingo: I had no idea this little bingo card would be so darn popular. The original post was from last July and it still gets at least one repin every single day. Basically, I made a table in Word and overlayed some pictures and text on it… that’s it. Nothing fancy. Took about 10 minutes.

To play baby shower bingo, everyone writes in the empty boxes gifts that the mom-to-be might receive. Then, as she opens them mark off the box you wrote the gift in. Once you’ve got a row you win!

Jungle bingo!

Jungle bingo!


2. How to Take Down Wallpaper: I am slightly mortified that this pin is so popular, because it links to one of my earliest blog posts and it is an abysmal post. The pictures are small and dark and the writing is awful… but still, folks seem to love it. Who’d-a-thunk-it.

There's no hope for this picture

There’s no hope for this picture

3. DIY Draino: One of my most recent posts that’s been getting lots of attention. It’s so funny to me that I can do things like paint a backsplash an DIY art from wood shims… but something as simple as a green kid & pet safe cleaner is what everyone likes most.


DIY Draino from homemade supplies you already have on hand!

DIY Draino from homemade supplies you already have on hand!


What are your favorite pins?


5 thoughts on “Most Pinned Projects

  1. Isn’t it always so funny/enlightening to see what your most popular pins are?? Many of mine I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years!

    Morgan @ 🙂

  2. I’m one of the people who pinned your DIY draino :). Fortunately, we haven’t needed to use it yet. That’s funny about your how to take down wallpaper post….my analogous post is our DIY baby gate…people keep viewing it from Pinterest, and all it is is a bad picture of our baby gate and me saying, “someday we’ll get around to explaining how we made this.” sigh.

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