Another swing shelf

A few weeks ago we hung a swing shelf in our bedroom, our friends Beth & Scott gave it to us when they moved and no longer needed it. Well, they gave us two others and I finally hung up a second one!

The shelf is just a piece of wood with two holes drilled through each end and rope tied through the holes. We bought hooks that get anchored into the ceiling (and can hold up to 50 pounds of weight): The hooks come in black, white, silver, and bronze and they’re under $5. Matt used a power drill to drill the spot for the anchor, then lightly tapped the anchor in with a hammer, then screwed the hook right into it. Super easy.

Here’s the area before we hung up the shelf:

We had open space above the bar cart, and I've hated staring at the phone outlet we don't use and the ugly red gas switch.

We had open space above the tea cart and I’ve hated staring at the phone outlet we don’t use and the ugly red gas switch. Also, I can’t get this picture to stop being crooked. I tried.

So then up went the shelf:



I know, it’s nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes you need things to be functional and not necessarily amazing. The whole reason we hung this shelf here is because I needed a spot the cats can’t get to so I could plant seedlings for spring.  If you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen this close up picture of what’s on the shelf:

I used wine corks and toothpicks to label what's in which pot- something I've seen all over Pinterest lately.

I used wine corks and toothpicks to label what’s in which pot- something I’ve seen all over Pinterest lately.

You know I’m forever on a budget so I actually got my seeds, pots, and potting soil at the Dollar Tree. It cost me $4 for everything, so who knows if these seeds will actually sprout- but if they don’t at least all I lost was $4!

starter herb garden

Once the seeds (hopefully) grow big and strong I’ll move them into the ground and pretty up the shelf, I’m thinking with some terrariums. And something tall, that shelf definitely needs something tall to balance it out a little better.

I wanted to get at least the basil started extra early this year because I’m hoping I’ll be able to cut it back at least once before it goes into the ground. Last year was my first year with an herb garden and I knew nothing at all and grew very little, now I’m hankering to make home made pesto and I need all the basil I can get. IMG_2249

Overall, I’m really digging the swing shelf look. It’s just a little bit more interesting then a floating shelf and I think it helps balance out all that blank space nicely.


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  3. I bet your cats are, at this moment, scheming ways to get up there because that shelf looks so fun. Keep your eye on them! And you’re like 1000 miles north of me and already starting seeds…I think I’m more behind than I thought.

    • oh they’re totallllllly plotting to jump from the fridge right into the pots. part of the reason I went with a 50 pound weight instead of something smaller was in anticipation of them hopping up there, haha.

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