High 5 for Friday

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpgIt’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for another high 5 for Friday- reflecting on what was awesome this week and leaving all the junk in the dust.

1. I got my Influenster VoxBox in the mail! If you’re wondering that the heck that means, come back on Monday to see. 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 5.32.19 PM

2. We had a snow day on Tuesday, and while it’s really crummy to have this much snow in March it’s really awesome that both Matt & I work in education and have snow days off together.

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 5.32.39 PM

3. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see that yesterday I got new pajama pants (after a certain dog had a little snack on my old pair). na na na na, na na na na….

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 5.32.31 PM

4. Today I’m going to book a car and driver for Matt & I for our wedding day thanks to Matt’s dad and stepmom. How luxurious!

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 5.35.08 PM

5. We are working with Matt’s mom and stepdad to plan a brunch for the day after our wedding, since we have so many out of town guests that will be staying in a hotel. Basically we’re having a teeny tiny wedding with lots and lots of delicious food. Perfect!


So now tell me- what was the highlight of your week? What’s happening this weekend?


4 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

  1. Your wedding will be so perfect. I’m really excited for you! I feel like this week has been CRAZY. I hired a new assistant though. She started yesterday, so I have been extra busy training, but she is learning quick which makes me happy. I’ll be back to my regular schedule soon!

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