How to turn a crusty old shirt into a lovely stylish runner

I’ve got one of my favorite types of projects for you all today- quick, easy, cheap, and no sew!

For the past few months I’ve had  $10 Ikea sheepskin rug  serving as the runner on top of our bureau, and I loved it. But now it’s spring (so they tell me… all I see is snow…) so I wanted to trade it out for something a little lighter.

I went to the Salvation Army in hopes of getting something lace, but that’s not what the thrifting gods had in mind for me. I ended up with an old, lightweight beachy shirt and worked my magic to make it awesome.

PicMonkey Collage

I don’t have any how-to pictures because it was really trial and error but this is how it went:

  • I cut off the collar and the seamed sections where the buttons are. Then I cut off the arms and set them aside. Then I cut at the seam to separate the back from the two front panels and set those aside too
  • I laid the back on top of my bureau with the frayed edges tucked under, then I layered the two front pieces on top of it with the frayed edges tucked under.
  • It still looked a little thin so I cut the cuffs off the arms and layered them on top too

So no sewing, just tucking the cuts under so it looks like one cohesive piece. Just keep manipulating it around until it looks how you’d like.

My bureau is impossible to take a good picture of because the window just blows everything out- I tried morning, afternoon, night, sunny days, and dark days. So this is the best I’ve got:


I think it looks perfect for summer, the fabric goes well with the burlap curtains and is a nice light color, close to the color of the slipper chair, so the gold candle holder and the picture frames can do all the standing out.


I like the look of it being layered, and it can be moved around and stretched out- and it was $6. That’s probably my favorite part.


Have you switched out any of your wintery stuff yet?




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