How We Spent Our Tax Return

Man, your idea of awesome purchases really changes when you buy a house. You get excited about all sorts of nonsense.

This year when we got our tax return back Matt & I each got something for the house that we really wanted, then together picked out something we really needed. Then we also had to pay for cat dental surgery, :le sigh:

As you can probably tell from my Pinterest Food Challenge I love to cook and bake. I’m slowly building up my inventory in that area, and so my choice was to replace our warped, chipped, awful frying pans with balls to the walls awesome skillets. I got a 12 inch skillet and also a set of 6″, 8″ and 10″ skillets. If you follow me on instagram you’ve already seen the excitement. Try and contain yourself.

this is what true love looks like.

This is what true love looks like.


Matt decided he wanted a big roll-y tool storage thing (that’s the technical name for it, if you didn’t know). He picked out this Task Force 5-Drawer Steel Tool Cabinet and plans to put it together this weekend, hang up some shelving we have lying around, and basically reorganize the whole unfinished side of the basement. We party hard on the weekends.

What's up, good lookin?

What’s up, good lookin?

Together we decided we also desperately need a leaf blower. And we need one that can handle wet leaves because frankly we’re lazy and generally don’t get rid of all the leaves until spring, when 800 feet of snow has melted on top of them. At first we wanted a battery powered one because Matt thought a plug-in one might be a hassle, but the more he read the more it seems like batteries are a real hassle (for this particular type of equipment) as well. So we decided to go with this gas powered Hitachi leaf blower and maybe one day it’ll actually warm up outside so we can give it a go.

::insert joke about blowing stuff here::

::insert joke about blowing stuff here::


There you go, our crazy house stuff spending spree. I thought I’d share on here in case you’re in the market for similar things, we did lots of research to see what would work best for us. How are you spending your tax return?


12 thoughts on “How We Spent Our Tax Return

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  2. Isn’t it funny what we get excited about as adults? Our tax return is going towards a dining room table, and I am pumped! 🙂 (Visiting from Decor and the Dog)!

  3. I LOVE the skillets. And, I totally agree with you about how your purchases change once you buy a house. Same story here. We used some of our tax return to make an extra mortgage payment. It felt so good to do that.

    • Oh that’s an awesome idea! Our biggest chunk went into paying our whole year of home owner’s insurance in one lump sum… the mortgage is huge though, that’ll really help if you can do it once a year 🙂

  4. I am SO JEALOUS! I found a heap of these at an antique store recently (actually the sign outside said something like “John’s Antiques” with antiques crossed out to say “Cool junk!” but they were too expensive for not being the best quality. I want some so that I can make ALL OF THE FRITTATAS!

  5. We used ours for closing costs on the refinance (how super grown up is that!) and hope to get a new dyson vacuum and new deck furniture!
    Holy Moly I didn’t even know that they made gas powered leaf blowers. Our electric one is fine especially with a loooooooong extension cord! They are great for cleaning out dirty garages as well. But not care seats. Kevin tried that once….

    • oh wow! refinancing! Our trimmer is electic and we have a big extension cord for it, but for some reason Matt didn’t want this for the leaves. I think he’s planning on blowing them over the fence into the neighbor’s woods… haha

  6. So jealous of the skillets. We have a few but am waiting to get our gas cooktop installed. It’s halfway there, but we couldn’t finish installing it because now we have to do Spring stuff outside before it gets too warm. Not sure what we’re doing with our tax return, but I think it might get added to our car fund.

  7. Those are AWESOME useful purchases. We feel the same way when we get a tax return. OMG WE CAN GET A MATTRESS. or Heyyy…don’t you need new brakes?


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