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I missed you guys yesterday, but here’s the thing- life has gotten hectic lately. I’m working my regular day job 5 days a week, a night job 4 nights a week, and developing a summer course to teach that starts in May. WHEW! That leaves very little time for projects… but I promise I am working on something. And it’s going to be FABULOUS.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some other cool things happening around the internets that  will soon be moving from inspiration to reality:

1. The weather is finally warming up, which means I need to get my butt outside to nice things up a bit. Starting with the path of doom that I partially dug out and then got tired and abandoned for months and months. My goal is for it to look like this by June:

I have an awful cement patio in my yard I'd like to dig up and replace with grass, and then use those blocks to create a path from the driveway to the yard.

I have an awful cement patio in my yard I’d like to dig up and replace with grass, and then use those blocks to create a path from the driveway to the yard. via

2. Wedding planning is full steam ahead (102 days!) so I’m starting the dreadfully awful task of addressing the little details (but I have a dress! and a color theme!) I’m thinking these might pop up somewhere.

But what will be in them? It's a surprise!

But what will be in them? It’s a surprise!


3. My yard has a sandbox that I was planning on getting rid of, but now I have a nephew so I’m thinking I may just clean it up so he can use it when he comes over. This tip is fantastic:


Put cinnamon in the sandbox to keep the bugs out!


What are you gearing up to get done?




11 thoughts on “Mish Mosh

  1. Hi! I came here via way of Decor and the Dog. I love that path – all the little bits of moss growing in between the stones. Ugh. I need to get my butt into gear and get back into the garden myself. Luckily its the weekend again tomorrow, right?

  2. I am dying to do a pathway too. There is no path from my driveway to my front door and I want to do something like you have pictured. I want it to be windy and fun! I can’t wait to see yours! In addition to that, the boyfriend is building me flower boxes that are going to be painted yellow-the same color we plan on painting our front door.I can’t wait for it to warm up around here so we can get started. Excited 🙂

  3. Dude, you are BUSY! But I’m proud of you. You’re working your ass off. Your wedding is going to be so beautiful. And that pathway is sooo cute. I need one!

  4. Very cool pathway!! We need to rip the old one out in front of this house [used to be #3 1842 one room school house] and nobody parks in the street so we dont need it…but need one from the driveway over…hmm…I am working on repainting a shaker looking table I bought on FB’s Oswego yard sale for $10 !!! I took it apart..partially sanded it and now trying to paint, but it is too cold outside and I dont want the cats in the paint.although…it would make for a great photo shoot! LOL. Staining the top [which is laminate! Yea I know, good luck! ] I dont think I sanded it enough, but we’ll see. I am staining the top a dark, but not black, stain and antiquingly creamyish bottom part. We’ll see. Am hopin this weekend I can get more ahead on it. First time for painting furniture! Yayy!!!

    • Teehee…yea I know Stephanie!! If it doesnt work, then..PAINT!! LOL..I tried to use the sander on it enough to get ‘some’ tooth to it….arrgh we’ll see!! You’ll be the second to know if it works!! LOL

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