Operation: Halfway Decent Yard

Our yard has many sections of awfulness- it doesn’t look too bad in pictures but in person it is one hot mess. We live on a hill, and because of that our yard is 2 levels and most of it is dirt because it’s too rocky to grow grass. Finally the snow has melted and the weather has warmed up, so we can  start whipping it into shape.

Here’s the break down of all the yard sections we’ve got going on (all in less then a fourth of an acre, mind you):

Tier one, from left to right: turf, cement, more turf, awkward cinderblock nonsense, sandpit (where the pool used to be), debris

Tier two, from left to right: dirt section 1 (too shady for grass, includes a hut full ‘o mold), dirt section 2 (too rocky for grass), grassy-ish zone (needs to be reseeded)

Sounds dreamy, right?  This summer we have a lot going on, and  it takes years for things to grow and fill, so the plan is just to get it looking better, then next year to get it looking good, and eventually to get it looking fantastic.

Here’s some diagrams of what I’m going for:

long shotThis picture was taken last summer right before Matt’s graduation party so things were looking particularly nice. But again, don’t forget that that’s you’re not lush green grass you’re seeing- it’s plastic turf. And what looks like a cute little area where our patio set is?- that’s dirt. The pool was sold and where it used to be is just sand, cinderblocks, and overgrown weed grass.

from backThis is a view from the back of the yard looking in. Notice I have strategically left out a close up of where the pool was…. I like to pretend that part of the yard doesn’t exist. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, as you can see- lots of plans. LOTS OF PLANS.

But I already put one into action… in lieu of creating a raised flower bed I used some of the old pool cinderblocks to create a garden wall. I’m basically a mason now. And the strongest woman on earth. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Operation: Halfway Decent Yard

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  3. Hi Stephanie!! Not a bad yard at all! Compared to…mine! Ours isnt bad really either, I would love to put up a privacy 8 ft fence!! As I dont like the neighbors! I have arborvite [spelling! Eeek!] and day lilies and Rose of Sharons planted against our cedar picket fence and that is it! I would love a small water feature, but they attract mosquitoes..arrgh…cant wait to see what your next step is!!

  4. It really doesn’t look bad at all. But I know what it’s like to KNOW what you want it to look like, and nothing else will satisfy. Yard work is so damn BLAH! But I have faith in you! Don’t be overwhelmed. Just remember “One corner at a time.”

  5. My yard is such a sty! I’m jealous of you being able to start working on it. I shit you not, Sunday we had SNOW falling HARD for 5 hours and then it blasted up to 70 and our neighbors were bbqing. I feel like my brain is about to explode.

    • ugh it’s soooooo overwhelming. today I went out to clear some leaves we never got to last year and found that most of the transplanting I did last summer survived, so that totally made my day. Only about 15 more years till they grow enough to cover what I need covered… lol.

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