4th Annual Walk for Tish Recap

For the past few months I’ve been raising money for our 4th Annual Walk for Tish. I was hoping to raise $500 and through the generosity of so many amazing friends and family we wrapped up with $810 total raised! I was absolutely floored..seriously. I thought $500 was a reach.

The walk was yesterday and it was a gorgeous day out. The 5k went really smoothly and this was the first year Tish was up and alert the whole time, looking around and humming a bit- it was lovely. After the 5k there’s always a BBQ, a raffle, and then we go for ice cream as well. I think the first year we did it there was 6 or 7 of us there… now look at our herd!

We raised so much money they even printed a "sponsor" sign for us!

We raised so much money they even printed a “sponsor” sign for us!

The first year me, my dad, and my brother walked with Tish. Then we added my sister-in-law and Matt, then Dutch, and now this year Jack-a-roo!

Thanks again to everyone who donated, and particularly to my mom and brother who handle the day to day stuff with Tish- going to meetings, making decisions on her health, even bringing her new clothes (maybe a new hat needs to be next… I’m just saying…). 🙂


4 thoughts on “4th Annual Walk for Tish Recap

  1. I am so proud of my family for taking part in this wonderful event. It has become a fun day for all of us. We extend our gratitude to all the wonderful family and friends who donated to the walk. Also, a giant thank you to Stephanie for all her time, effort and love in planning and organizing for the walk!

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