Constructing a Cement Path

You’d think that after I built an entire wall out of cement pavers that were already  in my yard that maybe I’d be out of cement pavers. You’d be wrong. My yard is chock full of cement pavers. I have no idea why. So I dug up some more of them and made a little path that leads from my driveway to my backyard fence.

I’ve said it a bunch on here, but just as a reminder we live on a hill. A no joke sized hill… like the basement of my house is level with the roof of the house directly across the street from me. This means our soil is incredibly rocky, uneven, and hard to grow things on. I only dug about 5 inches deep to create the spot for my path, and this is all the rock I extracted in the process:

Please note that the path is only about 2 feet wide and 6 feet long. And I dug in less then half a foot. AND HAD TO REMOVE ALL OF THIS.

Please note that the path is only about 2 feet wide and 6 feet long. And I dug in less then half a foot. AND HAD TO REMOVE ALL OF THIS. Most of those rocks are at least 6-7 inches long.

Eventually I gave up caring whether or not the path was level because the deeper I dug, the more rocks I hit. Also, this path is like 80% cosmetic because we normally enter the yard through the sliding doors in our house anyway.

I used a pitchfork to pry up the pavers that I wanted, then spent some time arranging them until I found a pattern I liked. If I had been smarter, once arranged I would have filled the hole back in with dirt so they’d be nestled comfortably in the ground. Unfortunately, I’m not smarter. And I was exhausted and very busy hating rocks. So I just  threw my grass seed down and called it a day:


Maybe mother nature will take care of business and the pavers will settle into the ground eventually.  Maybe I’ll end up removing all those pavers next summer and seeding the spots where they are now. Either way, if any grass is going to grow and survive through winter it really needed to get started now. I used Scott’s brand patch filler grass seed and it needs to be watered twice a day for the next two weeks.



We’ve got lots more grass seed to spread, lots of rocks to relocated, and years of work to do outside of the house, but for now every little bit helps!

What outside projects are on your list for the summer?



5 thoughts on “Constructing a Cement Path

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  2. I have a lot of outside tasks on my list. At least too many to mention. Some of big ones I want to get done would be the painting of the back shed, hanging of the window boxes, and to make a front pathway from the front door to the driveway.
    You are putting in a lot of effort and it will pay off! 🙂

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