High 5 for Friday: Personal Improvement Edition

Sometimes in the midst of working a million jobs, and doing a million house projects, and writing a million blog posts I forget to take good care of myself. That needs to stop. Sometimes you gotta treat yo’ self.


Instead of my usual high 5 for Friday post about great things from this week, here’s 5 super easy ways I’m taking control of feeling better about me:


Back in high school I had a glorious paycheck from my part time jobs that I could spend on whatever the heck I wanted because I had no bills or responsibility. Then I grew up and had to make cuts to pay bills and now I don’t even buy shaving cream… I just lather up with Dollar Store soap and hope I don’t get razor burn.

I have always used  Neutrogena face cream in the morning before I put on my makeup, but I’ve added a before bed toner and anti-wrinkle eye cream to the mix now too.  After loving the Dickinson’s towelettes I got in my VoxBox, I decided to buy a toner by that brand as well. Then I chose an anti-wrinkle eye gel by Olay to package it with. I am LOVING both of these products. I shower at night, so the toner and eye cream go on right before bed.

The toner will probably last me 3-4 months, and the face cream and eye cream each about 6 months.

The toner will  last about 3-4 months, and the face cream and eye cream each about 6 months.


I am obsessed with brushing my teeth, that is never ever an issue. However, when I buy my Dollar Store soap I usually also buy my dollar store toothpaste. Then I got Colgate Optic White toothpaste in my VoxBox and you know what… there really is an actual, noticeable difference between $1.00 toothpaste and $3.00 toothpaste. My teeth are freaking sparkling right now. So I’m going to keep that up. And also, I am flossing every single night before bed. Next time my dentist asks if I floss regularly my answer will not be a lie!

All 3 of these came in my VoxBox, the toothpaste is what I have decided to stick with (and Matt's still using the brush).

All 3 of these came in my VoxBox, the toothpaste is what I have decided to stick with (Matt’s still using the brush too).


I do not like to exercise. I choose watching Netflix under the covers with my dog 112% of the time. Unfortunately, I sit at a desk all day at work. Then I sit at a desk all night at work. Then I go home and go to bed.  My body is displeased at my lack of movement. I don’t blame it. My new goal is to walk at least 2 miles 2-3 times a week and to do solid yard work 1-2 times a week (building walls and walkways is exercise!). Baby steps here, folks. I’m not about to start training for the Olympics.


Yeah, in addition to the not exercising I also eat like a 5 year old. Like I go daysssss without eating fruits or vegetables. Sometimes weeks. Obviously that needs to stop because I’m a freaking grown up and I need to eat more then bread and pizza and peanut butter. I downloaded and app for my phone and I’m tracking what I eat, which will hopefully help me make some better choices.

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 6.02.48 PM


What do you do to “pamper” yourself that you could never give up? And I say that in quotations because seriously, my idea of pampering is buying name brand toothpaste. Let a sistah know!


16 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday: Personal Improvement Edition

  1. I started getting gel manicures in the fall – perfect way to Treat Yo Self! It’s about $25, lasts 2-3 weeks and saves me the time I would have spent on a home manicure on the weekends and any touch-ups during the week.

  2. Highly highly recommend looking into ways to stretch out your hip flexors. This is one of the things I’ve really noticed a difference in since beginning pilates/yoga — these muscles can get very tight when you spend all day sitting at a desk (hello, adulthood) and now if I go a day or two without stretching I really do notice a difference. This is a good overview but there’s a lot out there! http://www.sparkpeople.com/blog/blog.asp?post=8_hip_flexor_stretches_and_exercises_for_healthy_hips

  3. I totally get it. I am realizing that too. Aaron is NOT happy about me working 14 hour days now, with showing houses. So we are trying to find ways to better take care of ourselves. I love this post 🙂

  4. I started visiting a tailor. I’m a thrift store junkie, so I usually pay $5 or less for pants and dresses, then between $15-$20 to have them custom-fit. It’s a lot less expensive than I thought! And, 5 years later I’m still wearing the same clothes because they still fit great! So it really has ended up saving me money, even though it feels like a “pamper.”

  5. I take really good care of my hair. I’ve always had really frizzy, curly hair so making it manageable AND look good as been a goal and a priority. I use Garnier pure clean (it’s like 92% biodegradable!) so it gets my hair super squeaky clean. then I use either Trader Joe’s tea tree tingle conditioner or Paul Mitchell’s tea tree conditioner (which is like $15 a bottle and lasts me 3-4 months). I use the PM when my scalp is itchy from dry weather and what not. after my shower, I use morrocanoil curl creme when it’s damp to make my curls shiny and un-frizzy. THEN (hah seriously.) I sometimes use bigsexyhair soy renewal oil. I got it in my ipsy subscription box and it is WONDERFUL. it smells so delicious and calms my frizzy hair down AND makes my hair super shiny!

      • I’ve only had one month of ipsy but I already love it! I got the bigsexy product, some blush that I use every day, two eye shadows (that I’ve used a few times a week and love) and also some nail polish. and they all come in a little cosmetic bag 🙂 I think it’s totally worth the $10 a month!

  6. I try to paint my nails on Sunday evening after the weekends dirty digging activities are over with!
    I have been looking for the Dickinson’s products but I can’t find them anywhere! I have tried Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s and a couple of grocery stores! Nothing!

  7. For the past 20 years I get my nails done every 2-3 wk and my hands always look very nice. I would never sacrifice that treat for myself. I can afford $20 every 2-3 weeks. I love it and so does my awesome husband! 🙂

      • I also do those things work in the landscapeing to, but I clean them everytime. When the dirt gets bad or paint then the French manicure goes away and colored polish is added for cover-up

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