Front Yard Hopes & Dreams

A few weeks ago I shared with you my plan for the backyard, and I thought today I’d show you what’s going on out front. Beware that none of these pictures show a beautifully landscaped lawn. We’re nowhere near that point yet.

front of house

This is the view from across the street so you’ve got a better idea of the hill we’re working with. We’ve got a street level front yard, a house level front yard, and a 2 tiered side yard (then the two tiers of the backyard as well) sitting on .25 acres. This picture makes things look so lush and happy… but once we zoom in for a closer look you’ll see how sadly mistaken that is.

Let’s start with the dirt patch on the lower lefthand corner of that picture:

lower front

For some reason grass won’t grow here, so last weekend I transplanted a bunch of hens and chicks throughout the area in hopes that they’ll slowly spread and cover, I think they actually spread pretty quickly so this may not take more then a few years.

I moved the hostas to that spot last year, so I’m expecting them to come in big and full this year and then next year hopefully they’ll be ready to be divided. I’d like for those three eventually be six, and to keep them in that area.

Then there’s that gorgeous built in flower bed, which is unfortunately located directly in front of a giant tree so it’s full of thick roots and it’s pretty difficult to grow anything there. The daffodils were there when we moved in so I’d like to add some more, and I recently transplanted some daisies to the upper right corner of it in hopes that they’ll take and spread (so far so good!).

And now let’s head up the hill to flower bed number 1, which we added last year:

rose bed

The rose bush is already bigger this year then it was last, so I’m hoping it continues to grow, grow grow. The impatients are what returned from last year and we need to add at least a dozen more. The petunias I picked up from a garden sale where I work (a college with a horticulture club), so I just put them in there to see how they’d do. All that mulch is what’s left from last summer so we’ll add more once we weed a bit.

And then also on the front lawn is flower bed #2, which is located at our front door  (which is not the door we use):

front bed

Jeez louise do I need to paint those steps. But I also purposely grow gladiolas there because they get nice and tall and hide it- I put the bulbs in last weekend.

Both flower bed #1 and #2 need some love- better more defined edging, new mulch, and more flowering plants. I’ve got seedlings in the basement so once they’re big and strong that’s where they’ll go.

And last but not least for today, the flower bed under our sunroom bay window, which is what I will be tackling this week:

bay window bush

Last year I dug up all sorts of weird bushes that used to live here, and planted my herb garden in it’s place. This year, now that the weird bushes were gone, a few new tulips popped up- I think they were choked out before. It got me to thinking that more tulips and lots of wildflowers would be lovely here. So I dug up the parsley and oregano (that came back from last year) and relocated them to a spot in the yard, and over the next few days I’m going to dig up & relocate the spreaders and that last bush then plant seeds, seeds, and more seeds.

Hopefully in a month or so things will be looking a lot cheerier and fuller! Fingers crossed I don’t accidentally kill it all…


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