The 1%

I was supposed to have a really fun reveal of our newly painted and updated movie room today. But I don’t… because of what we are now calling “the 1%”.

For the past year and a half Matt’s been mulling over how he wants his movie room (the finished basement room) to look: what color he wants the room, how he wants his speakers set up, what he wants to do about sound proofing. Finally he decided exactly what he wanted it to look like and we got to work.

Last Friday morning he painted the ceiling, last Friday night I put coat number 1 on the walls, Saturday morning we both put coat number two on the walls, Sunday he started on speaker wire concealing and put up sound absorption pads. Then Monday we came home from work and found a pipe gushing extremely hot water everywhere.

I vacuumed TWENTY GALLONS of water out of the room. The water had been pouring out of the hot water heater so not only was everything soaked, it was so hot that the cement paint on our floor had literally bubbled. We swore. We cried. We ate a lot of carbs. And that’s when we decided that 99% of the time owning a house is the most awesome thing in the world, but the 1% of the time things go wrong they go so wrong that you basically want to die.

Instead of the beautiful after I was going to share with you, here’s the current state of the room:


At least we love the new paint color?

Every single problem we have/have had with our house has been water related:

  • The upstairs toilet runs for a solid 5 minutes every single time it’s flushed. We have no idea why or how to stop it
  • The downstairs toilet worked perfectly fine during the home inspection but was broken by the time we moved in
  • The kitchen sink was sitting on top of the pipes and not actually attached to it
  • The shower faucet was so old and coroded it literally came off in my hand when I turned it (after a FULL DAY of painting mind you, I needed to shower)
  • One of the pipes got backed up and water had nowhere to go so it overflowed out of the toilet (basement flood #1)
  • I tried to wash our old comforter in our washing machine and it didn’t fit so the water overflowed out of the washer (basement flood #2)
  • And now, apparently basement flood #3 was because we had 130 pounds of water pressure coming into our home with no valve to regulate it down to the 60 it should have been

Ugh. Hopefully we’ll have things up and running in time to show you next week!

So friends, commiserate with me please. What’s your 1%?


10 thoughts on “The 1%

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  3. SUCH A BUMMER 😦 I’m so sorry for all the troubles 😦 On a bright note, the paint color is stunning!

  4. Bleh! I’m sorry. Water is troublesome around these parts, too….within a month of buying the house we had to replace two toilets and deal with a flooded basement from when we attempted to hook up the water supply to the refrigerator.

  5. Sounds like you don’t have enough water pressure going to your toilet that keeps running so it takes a really long time for the tank to fill. Kevin keeps ours low so the water doesn’t shoot up and leak all over, but it takes forever.
    Our 1% has to be the damn sewer pump. When it stops working my whole world shuts down!

  6. My husband and I bought our first house last February. We did not find out the completely finished basement was not insulated until the 100 degree weather in May last year. Not only was it 100+ degrees outside, it was also 90+ degrees in the house with the brand new a/c running continuously. The house was beautifully finished with brand new drywall and paint, so there was no way we knew that the people that rehabbed the house had omitted insulation in the walls. Now we are debating if we should tear down the walls and stuff them full of insulation so that we don’t endue another 90+ degree house in the middle of the summer again… other than that, our house is perfect. Who knew that behind what looked perfect was absolutely nothing?

  7. haha dang, that’s a lot of water issues! look at it this way: at least it happened before the movie room was completed!
    my parents recently had a water-related issue. their house is a 160+ year old victorian so you can imagine the shape the pipes are in. so they go into the kitchen and notice this HUGE brown spot in the ceiling. turns out a pipe burst and ruined the (very old) kitchen ceiling and the (somewhat new) upstairs bathroom floor. insurance wouldn’t cover any construction related to kitchen, but they would pay for the upstairs bathroom. so my dad and his brother put in all new piping and a new ceiling. they had JUST finished the ceiling (everything but painting it, and it was seriously 2 hours old) when my sister realized that one of the cats was (drum roll) IN THE CEILING! they spent an hour trying to get her out and cut a huge 8’x3′ hole in the brand new ceiling along with a hole in one of the upstairs bedrooms (it had really realy old crappy floors so it wasn’t a huge loss since it’s one of 2 bedrooms that still needs to be redone). needless to say my dad had ALL OF THE ANGERS. they finally get her out and my mom is canoodling her and cleaning her off when she hears her cell phone ring… upstairs. so she goes upstairs, opens the bedroom door forgetting about the hole in the floor and goes RIGHT THROUGH the (brand new) kitchen ceiling. she didn’t fall completely through but she went through up to her hip when she caught herself (she’s okay!) so they had two gaping holes in the (BRAND NEW) kitchen ceiling haha I laughed pretty hard when I heard this story (of course after I asked how she was).

    • oh my goodness what a crazy amount of crazy situations! I can’t decide if it’s more funny that the cat was trapped in the ceiling or that your mom went right through… definitely one of those awful at the time, but laugh about it later situations!

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