Walkway Update

When I last showed you the cement path I constructed by my driveway, it looked like this:


Welp, the grass did not grow. See that downspout by the fence? It rained for 3 days straight and that downspout created a grass seed water slide. I literally watched my hard work slip away. Womp. Womp. On the bright side, I had constructed that path all wrong so this at least made me go back and fix it.

Matt did a little research and found gutter extenders, dug a moat to hide it in, and now the path is looking like this:


It’s not very pretty right now, but it’s far more functional. The extenders cost about $30 total for the piece that attaches to the gutter and then 3 more pieces to stretch it out to the driveway. They can be buried, but you don’t want to put anything crazy heavy on top of it so I’m thinking I may restructure the garden bed to reach the path… Maybe some hens and chicks on top of the extenders, then wildflowers (as planned) in the rest of the bed. You’ll notice the bleeding heart bush and the filler greens are gone now, they’ve been relocated and seeds will go in this weekend if the weather is nice enough.

It’s supposed to rain all week here so we’re going to check out how it works before we try grass seed again.

And just in case you’re interested, here’s an up close look at how it connects to the gutter:


Nothing fancy, just pops right over the top and then each extender just locks into the one before it. Have any of you tried this before? How’d it work out?



7 thoughts on “Walkway Update

  1. My wife and I just bought a house, and I’ve been having nightmaaaares about gutter extenders – pathetic but true. Thanks so much for the product link in this post, and for the idea of burying – we’re going to cover ours with gravel, if anyone cares. Anyway, what a great blog! You deserve a big fat book deal. 🙂

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  3. This post reminds me that I am ticked off at myself. I saw those gutter extenders at the habitat store for a couple of dollars each. they had about a hundred of them and I did not know at the time what they were used for. Well lo and behold within a week someone told me to buy some for my gutters, I went back….and you know the rest. Gone gone gone. uggggggh.

    You came up in a recommendation from WordPress who said I probably would enjoy your blog. LOL they were right! Great blog!!!

    • oh I hate when that happens! I saw a light fixture at our Habitat store that I thought might be the same as a broken we have, I came home to check and went back the next day and it was gone. GRR.

      glad wordpress recommended the site- and surprised I’m even on the radar!! haha

  4. Yes, we have done that in three corners of our house. We (meaning Kevin) uses PVC pipe underground. In one corner, he ran the PVC pipe under the porch and then connected it to the other corner and then ran more pipe under the grass. It is much studier, but you can’t plan much over it except for grass. Oh and it is BRIGHT WHITE!

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