Something Blue Vox Box: Urgent Rx Fast Powders

The last time Influenster sent me a box of products to review I did it all in one take, but this time around I’m going to spread it out a bit. I got the “Something Blue” vox box in the mail, perfectly timed with my wedding only a month away, so some of these products I can use now and some I’ll save for the wedding.

so many goodies!!

so many goodies!!

Yesterday I started in a brand new position where I work- woo hoo!- but I woke up feeling a bit nervous. And I had a bit of a stress headache, so I dived into the box and got the Urgent Rx fast powders.

Instead of a pill, it’s just a packet of powder. So I opened the packet and poured all the powder onto my tongue… holy crap you guys it was a lot more powder then I expected. And it was supposed to have a lime taste, but um, I thought it tasted kind of awful. HOWEVER, within 10 minutes my headache was gone completely and never came back. So as far as easy to use, easy to transport, and fast acting- it totally holds up.

I also read all the fine print so you guys don’t have to- point of note: it contains a solid amount of caffeine. So either don’t have your usual cup in the morning, or just have half of it. This will give you the jolt you need!

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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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