I got 99 problems and Pinterest is one

I’ve got a bad blogger confession to make: I have gotten completely overwhelmed with Pinterest in the past few months, to the point where I barely use it anymore. And it’s a darn shame.

But I think I’ve figured out my problem(s):

  • I am following WAY too many boards.
  • I’m on far too many group boards.
  • Far too many people I follow all pin the same things that show up all over my damn homepage when I log in.

So, my friends, I encourage you to join me in clean out yo’ Pinterest closet.

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Unfollow people.

Unfollow boards.

Make your remaining boards purposeful.

Scale back a bit.

I do not need to have 15 pins about how to stencil a wall, I know how to stencil a wall. I am sick of giveaways that require me to follow 97 people’s pinterest page just to enter, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by Pinterest? Are you still in love with it? What do you do to keep it all under control?! Let’s vent today, friends.


13 thoughts on “I got 99 problems and Pinterest is one

  1. I try to limit how many I follow too, and I go through and clean out my boards occasionally. Bonus: it makes you feel like you did something productive, when in reality you definitely did not.

  2. Gah. My pinterest is a mess. I don’t think it’s so much that I have too many pins (I kind of have the opposite problem; I’ll be positive I pinned something, go to look for it, and not be able to find it anywhere), but it’s so disorganized. I constantly make new boards and then only ever put like 2 things on them. Must. Streamline.

  3. I really need to clean up my pinterest too. I have also been hating it, so I’ve not been getting on. Which is really too bad. It used to be my favorite time-waster.
    Great tips yo!

  4. I am with you on limiting the number of blogs I follow just to enter giveaways. Sweet Brown is right. I have one rule that I think helps minimize clutter. No repining! All the pins on my board are ones I come across and pin myself. It really limits my overall number of pins.

  5. I’m a big fan of pinning fitness articles for future review, or workouts that I want to try, but I need to be better about deleting the ones that are the WORST (aka, anything that makes my abs want to weep.)

  6. It can be such a mind suck!! I’ve tried to do more “purposeful pinning.” So if there is something I really want to learn how to do, I’ll just do a search for that one thing. It cuts down on the mindless “repin, repin, repin” that I used to do just by looking through the regular news feed. And I try to set aside time to actually LOOK at my boards and clean them out of the stuff I know I’ll never do or thought was cool for 2 seconds but really isn’t.

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