Guess the review…

Have you ever played those hidden object games, where you have to look through the picture to see what doesn’t fit or what stands out? We’re going to do a weird little bloggy version of that right now.

I’ve got a product to review. Take a look at this picture and guess what it is.

why yes, that IS me dressed as Batman for my bachlorette party

why yes, that IS me dressed as Batman for my bachlorette party

Did you take a guess?

….well did you?

Unless you were actually out with me this past Friday night I’m going to go ahead and assume you did not guess the product correctly.

….one more line of text so you have to scroll to find out

….and scroll another second

….and just go ahead and scroll one more second too while you’re at it


Right?! It’s kind of hard to focus on false eyelashes when you’re so busy thinking “how does someone that good looking and totally serious become a superhero.” I understand.

I was sent 2 boxes of Kiss lashes as part of the “I Do Vox Box” I received from Influenster,- one super thick (what’s pictured above) and one not so intense. I have never worn eyelashes in my life so I thought I’d give you all a quick little write up on the experience.


First of all, they were shockingly easy to put on. The little plastic applicator thing was a lifesaver. The left one I got on right with my first try, the right one took two or three to line up right (maybe because I’m a lefty)? But it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought.

Before I even attempted to put them on, I watched several YouTube videos on the process (just google the product name and “how to”). The lashes come with glue and you dab glue along the top, then let it air dry fo about 30 seconds so it’s tacky, then use the applicator to stick it first to the center of your lash line and then work your way out to the corners. Finally, I used the applicator to press my own lashes into the false ones so they blended a bit more seamlessly.

I was too busy to take real pictures of how they looked. Sorry :)

I was too busy having an awesome time to take real pictures of how they looked. Sorry 🙂

When I first put the lashes on I felt a bit like a cartoon character, they looked excessive. Once I got used to them though they didn’t seem to stick out too bad, and they did not bump up against my glasses like I thought they would. I also do not line the top of my eyelids, so it was important that they fit on sans-caterpillar looking (and they did).

The downsides: I could literally feel them stuck onto my eyes, and that sensation never went away. I wore them all night, but on the train home I could not take it anymore and peeled them off. They looked good, and I tolerated them for about 8 hours, but that was quite enough. Also, the box says they’re reusable, and I’m sure they are, but that just felt like pink eye waiting to happen so I think one use is good enough for me.

Overall, they’re not even close to something I would wear everyday but it was fun for a night where we were all out being silly anyway.

Also, in case you’re wondering what the heck is up with the costume, my friends threw me a superhero themed bachlorette party. 🙂 Come back tomorrow to see more of it!


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  1. You look HOT! ow ow! I’m glad you had fun 🙂

    And on the subject of eye lashes. I LOVE them. I have always loved fake eye lashes. I never wear them, but I love them nonetheless!

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