A girl can dream

There’s this house, this glorious house,  that I have been staring at FOR YEARS. It’s my dream home. I’ve been admiring it from afar for so long and now it’s up for sale and I can finally see the inside. It’s everything I imagined it would be- humongous and weathered and needing just a few coats of paint to be the most perfect house in all the land.

And it’s onlyyyy $785,000. Plus $11,000/year in property taxes. So you know, TOTALLY within my budget and realistic for me. :: le sigh ::

outside shots

Picture all the green on the doors painted brick red and the trim a fresh white up against the existing yellow siding. SWOON.

Come snoop with me, friends….

This magnificent, historic farmhouse sits on a little over 4 acres of land. It’s got 4400 square feet with 3.5 bathrooms and a 3 car garage,  barn, fenced pasture, garden, and THREE staircases. Three staircases! Why? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want to drool on all of them.

It’s got paneling in just about every room, which I would paint white or soft gray. All of the grandma style furniture would be cleared out and I’d mix in thrift store finds with classics, and promise to keep the “historic farm” theme

living room

I’d have a mid-centry dining room table with faux sheepskin upholstered chair cushions, a deep steel colored credenza, a sisal rug, and long pooled sheer drapes. The brick fireplaces would all be restored, maybe white washed, and to keep with the style of the house maybe I’d even hang my herbs to dry out above it.

dining and fireplace1

I’d let the exposed beams be the rockstar of each room they’re in, I’d layer wide plank hardwood floors with soft, plush rugs (because in this dreamworld, my cats would not destroy it all.) And you can bet there’d be tufted furniture all over the damn place. TUFT ALL THE THINGS!

And the outside spaces. OH THE OUTSIDE SPACES!

patio and sunroom


Perfect for book reading, nap taking, puzzle piecing…

Do you spy on a dream house regularly? Is it anywhere near what you’ll end up with? The funny thing is, I would never in my life actually want to care for a house this massive. I think I want my realistic-for-the-future home to be no bigger then 2200 square feet, no more then 1 acre of land, and not in need of a kitchen renovation. But in dream land- bring on the stables! Two sun rooms please! Porches and patios as far as the eye can see!!


10 thoughts on “A girl can dream

  1. So that’s your dream house….with the same light fixture and very similar oriental rug ha if you smirk and call this a grandmother house how come you want this grandmother’s dining room furniture………
    Love you.

  2. I know this house! I used to admire this one too 🙂 I absolutely love the stretch of road it’s on. So pretty! It’s fun to dream

  3. That really is a pretty house! But the property taxes are incredible – they are nowhere near as high in Germany (and I thought we inofficially ruled when it comes to high taxes 😉
    I used to have a dream house that I always walked past and admired from afar. Funnily enough, it was on the market only some time after we had made a choice for another home, and it wasn’t even as expensive as I would have thought. But seeing it from the inside made me change my mind. I guess I already live in my dreamhouse 🙂

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