Product Review: Whiter & Brighter with “Luster NOW!” Toothpaste

Today I’ve got another quick review from my Influenster I Do Vox Box: Luster NOW toothpaste.

When I first opened the box and saw this toothpaste, I was honestly a little intimidated. And then I realized it was just because it was not packaged like regular toothpaste- it looked a lot more beauty product then hygiene product.


The toothpaste notes that while it’s doing its’ thing actually whitening your teeth it will give you the illusion of whiter teeth for a few hours in the meantime…. I use whitening toothpaste anyways so this didn’t really work for me, because it didn’t need to. But I will say for a whitening toothpaste it was super gentle, didn’t leave my sensitive teeth in pain, and left a mint flavor that lasted for a while. I definitely recommend giving it a try!



Happy weekend all!!