5 wedding things I’m not doing AND IT’S OK

Holy crap ya’all, I am getting married next Saturday. That came fast. Lately I’ve been feeling as if I spent foreverrr saying “oh it’s about 6 months away” and now suddenly it’s HERE.

We are having a super small wedding, final count is 33 people including the 2 of us. I expected very little stress and even fewer decisions. Man, I was wrong. People go insane when you mention the word wedding. So I toned it down everywhere I possibly could, not for the sake of money but for the sake of sanity. Which leads me to today’s fun-intended post … 5 wedding things I’m not doing AND IT’S OK. Because everyone should get to have their dream wedding, even if (like me) their dream wedding is really no wedding at all.


1. Order flowers

That’s right, no flowers. I got a small bouquet for me  and a boutonniere for Matt that he might not even use. And that’s it- no decorative flowers, no petals spread on the tables, no nothing. While I love flowers on my property I could absolutely care less about having them around on my wedding day.

2. Make centerpieces or place cards

Yup, no centerpieces either. We opted to have 3 long tables for our guests and to just use the tea light candles our restaurant has out everyday. I feel like it’s more important that there’s room on the table for food then that there’s a giant vase of flowers or a mirror with a candle on it. Also, I’m assigning people a table but not a chair. I’m just going to say my theme is “simple,” which is the polite way of saying “I don’t care where you sit.”

3. Include a bridal party

I have a “maid of honor” and Matt has a “best man,” which are the folks that planned our bachlor/bachlorettes for us. But they won’t be at our wedding. In fact, no friends were invited to our wedding. We’re having a huge backyard bbq two weeks after we get married instead, which will be low key and informal and awesome. Every single one of our wedding guests is from out of town and I really wanted to be able to have conversations with each of them, so a smaller intimate setting was the most conducive to that.

4. Buy a wedding gown

I could not possibly be less interested in weddings gowns. I’m a jeans and tank top kind of girl. Also, a July wedding with a dress to the floor? I am far too greasy, sweaty Italian for that. I chose a cute to-the-knee dress from an upscale shop at the mall… and by “upscale” I mean their tops cost more then $30.

5. Hire a videographer

Do people watch videos of themselves getting married? That sounds like it would be extra, super uncomfortable. I know how awkward I am, I don’t need to watch it over and over again. One of my old student workers asked if he could photograph our wedding to build his portfolio, so that’s all we’re having in terms of documenting the day. I’m also not big on putting pictures around my house, I’m more of an art person, so we’ll most likely just end up with one big photo book in our living or something.



PS- After the wedding I’ll share 5 things I DID actually do, and they were not so bad 🙂


11 thoughts on “5 wedding things I’m not doing AND IT’S OK

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  2. I hear ya! I got my flowers at a grocery store, didn’t have a wedding party at all, and wore a peach silk & black lace dress (to the knee) because I really wanted to wear a colour. Super un-wedding and super cheap, because we wanted to spend money on other stuff. It’s awesome your day was your way!! I can’t wait to see more photos.

  3. LOVE the idea of keeping it simple and not feeling pressured to do things a certain way! We kept it very simple at our wedding (mostly because of budget). We didn’t hire a videographer but we did set up a couple video cameras on tripods at different vantage points, and I gotta say – I am SO glad we have that video. If it’s not a big deal, I’d say just borrow a couple video cameras and have them set up, and if you end up not wanting the video, you can just get rid of it, but we have enjoyed looking back at it from time to time, mostly because you can barely remember what happened even the next day, much less years later! So happy for you! Enjoy your low-stress, beautiful wedding!!

  4. Your wedding is going to be perfect! I’m so excited for you! The only thing of the 5 things we did was have a wedding dress. Well, I guess centerpieces too. but really it was just cupcakes on the tables. But I think a wedding should be intimate. Yours is seriously going to be amazing. And I have firmly believed it is about the MARRIAGE not the wedding. You and Matt are so cute and will have such a wonderful life together 🙂

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