Brace yourself…. it’s wedding week

Ok friends, I promise I will only do 2-3 posts about my wedding and then we can all move on. I appreciate your patience :).

Today I’m crazy busy running to 900 different places to get my name changed, but I wanted to pop in with a few pictures. Later in the week I’ll share some things we did that I particularly liked and a few DIY’s.

The night before the ceremony we went to the ceremony site to make sure everything was set up right, and what we found was that DIRECTLY BEHIND THE GAZEBO there was a giant construction zone. Dirt, rocks, saw horses, equipment…. ugh. So some of our pictures have this lovely backdrop:


However, when taken from juuuust the right angle, things looked much better:


We ended up with about 30 total guests, all of which fit at round picnic tables right in front of the gazebo. My brother got ordained for the day and presided over the ceremony, and Matt & I wrote our own vows. We also each asked an aunt to read a poem. I’d say the ceremony was around 10-15 minutes at most, but it was nice and it was very tailored and personal to us.


My dress and belt came from White House Black Marketย and my shoes came from a department store, I think Macy’s. I got a bouquet for myself (which was way bigger then I thought it would be!), then we got a small bundle of flowers for each our mom’s and grandmothers (that’s why Matt’s carrying a basket of flowers). Before the ceremony I gave Matt’s mom and stepmom their flowers and he gave my mom and grandmothers theirs.


After the ceremony we went to lunch with our guests, we were able to rent the entire restaurant from 11:00-3:00 because it doesn’t open until 4:00.


this photo is the first I’ve seen from our photographer, Marco Trafecante – can’t wait to see the rest!


Since so many people had to stay in the hotel, we invited guests back to our house for a few hours for an after party. ย The next morning we had a brunch for all the hotel guests in our yard to wrap up the weekend.


Thank you to all 6 of our parents for making every second of the last 48 hours possible, without them none of it would have happened.


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  1. I love your wedding! So many congratulations to you and your HUSBAND! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything looked so beautiful!

  2. What a day what a privilage to have watched you grow up and marry Matt. Thank you for wearing the earings and garter.You were radiant. A perfect setting perfect meal, until I gave it up !!!!!! Now send me pictures or else !

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