5 things we did do for our wedding, and they were LOVELY


I already posted about 5 things we chose not to do, so today I thought I’d hop in with a little more detail on what we did decide to do to make our wedding special for us:

1. Keep the ceremony as personal as possible

Matt and I decided to get married at the college where we met in a short little ceremony on a newly built courtyard, so even though there was all sorts of construction behind us it was still a special spot. Then, my brother got ordained for the day to perform the ceremony. I wrote up a loose script for him and he altered it, left room for Matt and I to include our own vows, and for two of our aunts to read poems we picked out. The ceremony was short, about 10-15 minutes, but was completely tailored to us.


2. Keep everything else personal as well

I affixed one of Matt’s grandmothers’ broaches in my hair, and wore my great grandmother’s earrings and my grandmother’s garter. In the gift room of the reception spot I potted a bunch of succulents in a metal pot my grandfather was potty trained in (weird, but a fun family heirloom), and the rest of our decor was just vintage frames with pictures of us when we were kids. Matt’s mom gave us beautiful champagne glasses that we brought to toast with, and I brought two plates that were my aunt’s for our cupcakes to be separated out on. Our “cake toppers” were figurines that a friend made at a paint-your-own-pottery place.

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.15.43 AM

3. Ordered delicious cupcakes instead of wedding cake

A friend of mine runs a cupcake business, Twiinspiration Cupcakes, so in my effort to keep things local we ordered from her. We also thought it would be nice for people to have several flavors to choose from (carrot cake, vanilla raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, and grasshopper).


4. Bought sweet little favors

Because there were only about 30 wedding guests we could afford to get something a little nicer as favors then we would have if we had lots more people to provide for, I went with beeswax candles. They are so adorable I kept a few for myself!

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 9.16.01 AM

5. Made hotel welcome bags for our guests

The majority of our guests had to stay at a hotel and we wanted to make sure they knew we appreciated it so we put together surprise welcome bags for them to receive when they checked it. They included: tissues, bandaids (for painful shoes!), gum, mints and chocolate, a hair comb, antibacterial gel, and a brunch imvitation



What did you do to make your wedding day personal and special?


8 thoughts on “5 things we did do for our wedding, and they were LOVELY

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  2. Congratulations you two! I’m late to the wedding posts but I love how you got married at your college, it will be such a great thing to tell any future kids. I love the simplicity of your dress, I kept it simple too. Congrats again!

  3. I would like to add that it was wicked smahht of you to hire a car service for you and Matt!

  4. We did all sorts of things like that – a friend made our cake, we used the best man’s band, it was one big gigantic pot luck, a friend married us, I even made the bridesmaid’s jewelery. SO much more fun!

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