3 Things I Wish I Knew…

3 things I wish I knew my first month of homeownership

Matt & I have officially been in our little green house for 2 whole years now- wow!  When I was researching and touring homes I read so much about how to buy a house, what all the words mean, what to look for, that I did zero research on decorating. I had never read a DIY blog before (gasp!). So besides all the business ends of things, I thought I’d write about the decor end of things I wish I had known about.. maybe it’ll help one of you instead…

1. White plastic drawstring blinds are not the only types of blinds out there. How did I  have no idea about this? When we moved into our house one of the first things my mom did was take me to Home Depot to buy blinds for every window (for safety and privacy). We bought a crapton of standard, white blinds for maybe around $100. Then MONTHS LATER I discovered there are, at minimum, one zillion better options. I’m not going to go back and replace all of them, but if I did… swoon…



2. I had lived in 3 apartments prior to moving into the house, and when we moved I was so overjoyed with not having white or beige walls anymore that I painted every room a different color. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT A COLOR PALETTE WAS. My friends, I encourage you to think of your house as a whole and not a bunch of individual rooms. Stand in each room and note what other rooms you can view from it, because they all must work together.  And you know what?  These days I am  loving all white walls, a la Dans Le Townhouse. Darn it! If I had only known how to make it work…

white walls


3. It’s your house and you can decorate it however the heck you want. I like art that’s a little different and I like things BIG. I don’t really like a lot of color. You are free to be as weird as you like in your own home. So now I have a mercury glass skull in my living room, and I’m thinking about adding a very large piece of dinosaur art to my entrance way. Suck it, world. If I don’t want what’s on trend I don’t have to have it. HOW LIBERATING!

summer fun 198


….what do you wish someone had told you about??




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  2. It took us until our third house to get more intentional about picking paint colors :).

    This isn’t really a decorating thing, specifically, but the thing we’ve always kicked ourselves about when we’ve moved is putting off doing all the little repairs/upgrades until we had to to sell, rather than getting them done so WE could enjoy them.

    • haha I do that constantly…. a few weeks ago Matt finally fixed some draw pulls that I had half done then got sick of and left for a year. it is nice to actually be able to enjoy them now instead of going with my original plan of superglueing them in place when we sell the house. lol

  3. #2 and 3, for sure! I was actually convinced that every room HAD to be a different color. Which led to some poor color choices when I ran out of colors that I actually liked! Nowadays, most of the first floor and all the hallways throughout the house are the same color, which makes it feel much less chopped up. And this is related to #3: if I had just stuck with colors I liked, instead of asking for 37 different opinions, maybe I wouldn’t have had to repaint half of my first color choices! 🙂

  4. I would love to see a post about window treatments. I just recently removed yellow and red blinds from our guest rooms left over from the previous tenant. It’s looking like we are just doing curtains, but if there was something else out there that I am clueless of, it would be nice to know. My bf is trying to convince me to do mini blinds. Haha.

  5. Great advice! Here is what I would share:

    1. Live in the space for a little bit before you start decorating. This will give you time to adjust and figure out what you want before diving in too quickly.
    2. Use artwork and fabric as colour palette inspiration. Someone already did all the matching for you so you just need to find something you like!
    3. Stick to a budget. It is easy to get carried away when moving into a new place. Check out thrift stores, craigslist/kijiji or re-purpose what you already have.

  6. Such solid advice! I wish I would have not painted every room a different color. I am currently trying to get all the rooms on the same track. One of the things I AM glad we did, was wait to do any major renovation. We knew moving into this house that we wanted to change the kitchen, but we wanted to live in it awhile to see what our real needs were. And because of that, the plan changed a few different times. So I am really glad we didn’t go with our first initial idea. And I TOTALLY agree with you regarding blinds 🙂

  7. YESSS. We dropped WAY too much money on faux-wood blinds for (almost) every room in the house. The few rooms where we didn’t buy blinds, I’ve had fun now finding better options, but I’m stuck with ’em every where else. Boo! Loved this post! ❤

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