Things I Need To Get Off My Butt & Do Already

I feel like lately I’ve done SO FEW PROJECTS lately. If you’re still tuning in around here, I’m sure you feel that way too. I think summer just took hold and sucked all my crafty motivation right out. I can’t even use the old “I got married and was busy with the wedding” excuse because um, there were less then 30 people at my wedding. Sooooo that was a pretty easy thing to plan.

In case you’re wondering if I’m ever going to pick up a paintbrush again, the answer is YES. Actually, Monday I’ll be back with a huge super awesome blog collaboration project (and a giveaway!). But I’ve got lots of other things on my radar too.

To hold myself accountable, and to keep you in the loop, here’s everything I want to get done like, yesterday:

  • Finish the darn basement stairs already
  • Redo both the full bath and half bath
  • Get rid of the chalkboard wall in  our entranceway
  • Relocate the gallery wall in the living room to where the chalkboard wall is now
  • Buy some large scale art to replace the gallery wall (THIS is what I want)
  • Move the sunburst mirror to where the chalkboard wall is now too
  • DIY some large scale art to replace where the sunburst mirror is (THIS is my inspiration)
  • Create a built in office in our guest room closer


…. did summer grab hold of your motiviation too? Is anyone still out there reading about my abundance of nothingness? hello? Bueller?


11 thoughts on “Things I Need To Get Off My Butt & Do Already

  1. I feel like we didn’t get nearly enough done over the summer considering that Dave was off work. Bleh! Love your potential print….we’re going to have an Edgar Allan Poe Halloween around here, I think. I want to look around on that site more; I like books 🙂

  2. Summer is the time for fun and partying. Don’t even feel bad for slowing down on the DIYs. And besides… you made that killer fridge! 🙂 I’m excited to see you tackle these upcoming projects. You’ll do amazing!

  3. I remember that year after Kevin and I bought a house and got married. We did NOTHING! Granted we did it in a much shorter time frame. Sometimes you make those huge life changes and you just have to slow down and take it all in for a bit.
    I bet Jack would LOVE that chalkboard! I hope you can salvage it. Maybe build some kind of frame so it is free standing? Just wait until he is out of the eating chalk stage. Amelia gobbles it down like candy!

    • I agree- slowing down has been LOVELY. Just movies and wine and nice dinners every day 🙂

      The chalkboard is just painted right on the wall with some moulding nailed in around it, so it’s got to go completely. Also, I want to repurpose that moulding in my half bath. I’m pretty sure he’ll have a chalkboard on the next addition to his play kitchen though. 🙂

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