31 days challenge

Welcome to the landing page for this year’s 31 day challenge, hosted by  Nesting Place– in which for the 31 days of October I’ll post a quick blurb each (week)day all related to one topic- and gather them all at the bottom of this post!

Last year I did this too, and my topic was home organization- see all  21 of those posts wrapped up nice and labeled here.

This year my topic is… drumroll please….

31 things I wish I knew in my first month of homeownership. 

It’s kind of a mouthful, but wait- I made a graphic!

tips for new homeowners, home owners, first time home buyer

By no means am I at all an expert on homeownership, but I do have some real basic stuff that I really do wish I had known. (Note that I knew NOTHING when I bought a house, including what a DIY blog was). I plan to focus on all things design, decor, and even ultra basic (like, um, you should probably shut off the water source to your outside faucets before it freezes outside). So stay tuned and sit back, because I’m on a regular posting schedule again. Holler.


Day 1: Beige is not the only neutral! (and some paint sheen advice too)

Day 2: Sometimes You Gotta Live With It

Day 3: You Can Paint Anything (and some tips on how and what to use)

Day 4: What to do in the first 72 hours

Day 5: Saturday Happy Thoughts

Day 6: Consider Things Beyond Style

Day 7: You Don’t Have to Like Every Trend

Day 8: 3 Efficiency Updates for your Home

Day 9: Picture Editing for Free

Day 10: Winterizing Your Home

Day 11: More on Paint Sheen (and some more paint tips!)

Day 12: The Dreaded Mortgage

Day 13: Stop with the Pinning and Start with the Doing

Day 14:  Design Theory

Day 15: Shop Your House

Day 16: Who Gave Me a House?

Day 17: Buying New vs. Thrifting

Day 18: Cleaning Your Dryer

Day 19: Throwback Friday

Day 20: Your Monthly Payment Could Change

Day 21: Couch Pillows

Day 22: What’s your house love story?

tips for new homeowners - a blog series


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14 thoughts on “31 days challenge

  1. Just stumbled upon this on Pinterest and I just wanted to say thank you for posting all of these wonderful, helpful tips! I’m about to close on my first house and I’ve been so overwhelmed with all I want to do. So, thanks for taking me down a notch and making me realize that I do not have to do all 5 billion things that I want to because I saw it on Pinterest and that it’s okay to not.

  2. I know this post is from a while ago – but I have to say, you have such great information and tips!!
    I am currently in the process of buying my first condominium unit and I am through-the-moon excited to start decorating and creating the space of my dreams!! (And believe me, it’s going to need a loooot of work!!) I appreciate your genuine approach to DIY and thrifting techniques and will definitely refer to your blog as my new home journey begins! Just wanted to say thanks & keep up the great blogging!

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  6. Subscribing from the House/Home category at The Nester’s #31Day challenge!

    I am so glad you have this topic. We are fairly new homeowners (since July) and I will be following your posts with great interest.

  7. This is so great! I can’t wait to read your tips since we just bought our first house and I’m doing my 31 Day posts about the experience of it.

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