The First 72 Hours: 31 Days

Right when you move into a house it is generally utter chaos. Stress. Mess. Boxes everywhere.

I’ve moved 6 times in the past 5 years, this last time being the only time into a house of my very own (2 years ago). Here’s what helps keep me sane:

1. Get one room completely set up. I always choose the kitchen- partly because the only real furniture is the dining set, and partly because that’s where you need to put the pizza when you drag people into helping you move. For others, it’s their bedroom or a kids bedroom.

2. Rip down the awful wallpaper/paint a room. Changing the walls of a room instantly make it feel more “you.” And I know you feel like you have so many boxes to unpack instead, but seriously, this helps.

3. Sit down and make a plan. You can plan, plan, plan all you want before you move in, but once you get into a fully empty house other things are going to immediately pop out at you. Maybe it’s dingy moulding that was covered up behind furniture before, or holes in the wall from the previous owners decor, or carpet that has a funky stain you didn’t notice. Write it all down, and physically cross things off one by one as they get done.

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Let’s chat more about this– what did you do your first few days to make you feel like you could breathe?


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.

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7 thoughts on “The First 72 Hours: 31 Days

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  2. I completely agree! Unpacking the kitchen first is key – I wouldn’t let any of our moving volunteers help though… OCD much?! Haha maybe, but now I know exactly where everything is! Our first appliance to break was the washing machine, a week after closing. Sigh.

    We haven’t used our dishwasher since moving in either! It came broken with the house but we are waiting to take it out until we have a replacement set of matching appliances.

  3. Oh my gosh, our first 72 hours were horrible. So, we had to be out of our rental house 3 days before we closed on our house because the Salvation Army didn’t sign their end of the papers in time. It required TWELVE signatures on their end. It was a night mare. So we were homeless, staying in a hotel, and finally we could move our crap in. The first night, was take out. But the 2nd night I went to make a frozen pizza. And as soon as the oven was preheated, I put the pizza in, and the whole oven/range just shut down. Turned completely off. And I lost it. Because it was tested in the home inspection and was working perfectly. But we called my pa, and he came over and taught Aaron how to re-wire a 220 outlet, and 2 hours later we ate our damn pizza lol. Home ownership… always an adventure!

    • oh my goodness- what an ordeal! if that’s not a story on your blog already, it should be for like an anniversary post or something.

      When we moved into our house we found out the kitchen sink was just resting on top of the pipes & not actually attached to it AND the toilet (which was working during inspection!) was broken. so, so frustrating. To this day we’ve never used the dishwasher because we’re too scared our house will flood! lol

  4. Totally agree with unpacking the kitchen first! Especially after my last move….our old house had been for sale forever, so I’d been living with a minimally equipped kitchen (tons of stuff packed away to make things look bigger) and new butcher block countertops that I was terrified of actually using for so long….it was a relief to feel like I could USE my kitchen again!

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