Who Gave Me a HOUSE?!

I spent a solid amount of time Friday night bleaching and scraping mold off the bathroom ceiling, then a lot of Saturday raking up leaves with Matt, then about 6 hours yesterday tearing down wallpaper at my brother’s house. It’s safe to say I woke up fairly sore this morning.

And so I leave you with this depiction of what it feels like to buy a house:




For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge.



8 thoughts on “Who Gave Me a HOUSE?!

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  2. The cartoon made me LOL. We are 2+ months in our first house with a 2 and 1 year old. Both adjoining neighbors mow their freek’n lawns twice *TWICE* a week! We can’t freek’n keep up with that. 3 huge trees = leaves et plethora.
    I’m too chicken to go in the attic crawl space to store stuff … and we let people unload stuff in our garage … Most of it’s still there & it snowed yesterday. Ugh. Also, they put in a new kitchen with NO dishwasher. Thanks schmucks! Just venting here. All in all we love it. Putting our own touches on it & taking time to decorate! These 31 days of suggestions are my first read of the day. Thank you!!!
    (Also, we are not terribly power-tool inclined & are learning a LOT. My hubby had to look up ‘soffit ‘ because he thought I made the word up (hence the name of my blog).

  3. You crack me up! Loved the cartoon – I can so relate. I love Batman and was considering buying a batmobile….but where would I park it on campus?????

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