What’s Your House Love Story?

Today is the last day of my 31 days challenge (because I want to post about Halloween tomorrow), so I thought I’d wrap it up by asking a question to all of you- what’s your house love story? what made you know your house was “the one”? The first few months of home ownership can be so stressful, full of endless lists and projects, so take a minute to think about why you got into all of this in the first place.

Our current house is actually the third house we made an offer on. House #1 we had issues coming to a sale agreement, house #2 got caught up in a bidding war and I didn’t want to stretch our budget, and then there was this one. The night before I went to look at it was soon after we had lost house #2 and Matt and I had a serious talk about saving up for another year and then trying again, because we just weren’t finding much. The next morning my real estate agent called me and said there was a new short sale on the market and we should be the first ones to see it because it might go fast. Unfortunately Matt had work so I went without him.

front of house

The house was a filthy, cluttered, wallpapered hot mess. Seriously. Even the real estate agent gave me the side eye on it. But I just fell in love. It was home. Immediately. I can’t pinpoint exactly what made me fall in love, but I fell hard immediately when we walked in. I hadn’t even seen the bedrooms yet and I knew it was THE ONE.

No one else agreed with me- Matt was furious I bought such a filth house (he still brings it up), the real estate agent asked me if I was sure at least 3 times, my friend Beth went on a walk through with me and looked seriously concerned. I wouldn’t allow my parents to see it for the first week we lived there because it was that bad. But now- now she’s looking mighty fine and I always say even though I know we’re going to move, I wish we could just pick up this house and move it with us.

What’s your love story?


For the month of October, I will be participating in The  Nester’s 31 day challenge. To see the full list of my posts from this month, check here.

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13 thoughts on “What’s Your House Love Story?

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  2. Our house was on the market forevs. It always came up in my searches and I’d laugh at it, saying “no one is going to buy that ugly orange house with the brown garage door!” We were about to put an offer in on another house in the same neighborhood that was a little smaller and a little more expensive. So I suggested we check out the ugly 70s house to give us some leverage on the offer price. Lo and behold, it was really nice and neutral inside, and BIG!! So yeah, WE were the suckers who bought the ugly house. And after replacing all the siding, it is now the stylish tan house with the sleek dark brown garage door. Or at least that’s what I tell myself, ha ha.

  3. Aww I love it! I am such a sucker for good home stories. 🙂 We bought ours site-unseen and I’ve loved it ever since!

  4. It took us a little while to fall completely in love, but then we fell pretty hard. At first we thought we just liked our house as a friend, but then we realized there was more to it than that 😉

  5. When buying our place 5 years ago, we looked at several places and weren’t finding what we were looking for. After increasing our budget, we came across our current house and knew that we had to have it. We looked at it on a Wednesday, put an offer in the next day and it was accepted that night! Within 24 hours of first seeing the place, it was ours!

  6. Mine was sort of the opposite…….. We looked at the house we are in now on the first day we looked at houses. I think I said something like “over my dead body will I live in that house”! But we needed someplace to live fast and both having to move and rent together was not going to happen so we decided on the house with the least about of serious work to make it liveable! And then we got married there….. 🙂

  7. It’s true. Houses do have love stories. Mine is similar to yours. I don’t know WHAT it was about our house. We have probably looked at 50 others, but the second we walked into our house I just knew it.

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