Bathroom Vanity

You guys. My bathroom is like 80% done and it looks FREAKING AMAZING. I am so pumped about it I can’t even wait until it’s completely finished to show it to you.

geometric walls, white and navy bathroom

There’s still a lot of final touches to take care of, but MAN, it is excellent in here.

BOOM! WHITE TILE! GEOMETRIC WALLS! AHHHH! I still need to get new bath rugs, vanity accessories, and recolor the floor grout but it is going to be fabulous in there.

But here’s the down side, I have no idea how to install a vanity because here’s how it went for us, and if you’re following along on Instagram then you go to see this as a play by play:

  • Get super excited that dad is over for the weekend to install TWO new vanities
  • Unhook sink pipes…. but uh, wait, they aren’t supposed to crumble like putty in your hands, right?
  • Go to the hardware store (TWICE) to buy all new pipes because your old ones are corroded and attempt to assemble them for hours
  • Finally get pipes assembled and move in vanity but WAIT the walls are uneven and off level and not at 90 degree angles. Use shims to slightly suspend vanity from floor so it’s level and screw it into the wall. Pretend you don’t care that the previous owners didn’t tile the floor all the way to the wall and now you can see plywood sub-floor under the vanity
  • Place sink on top and discover you bought the wrong damn size sink. Go to the hardware store A THIRD TIME to exchange sinks
  • Break for lunch because it’s been like 6 damn hours and you are going to kill everyone
  • Finish installing sink and vanity through blind luck and prayer only to have it leak slowly for 5 days while you try various methods of getting it to stop
  • After approximately one week the leaks have stopped and the vanity is attached and all is good with the world again.


Also, I must give credit where credit is due. I quickly saw how downhill this project was going and stepped right back to let my dad handle it. The same thing with the pipes– the leaks were making Matt twitch and he really mentally needed to be the one who defeated them.

And now here’s where I need your help- I’ve got 2 problem areas where the previous owners took shortcuts (per usual):

a 4-inch space to the left of the vanity and an untiled underneath the vanity area

a 4-inch space to the left of the vanity and an untiled underneath the vanity area

The left side of the vanity stops about 4 inches before the wall, so it’s too small and narrow to put in any kind of shelving. My first thought was to just roll up a bunch of towels and stack them in there, but maybe that will look insane? My second thought is to install a board, paint it white, and call it a day.

Problem area numero dos is under the vanity, but I think that’ll be solved by getting a large bath rug and just scooting in partially under there. Unless you’ve got some other thoughts?

But let’s not leave it on a negative note- here’s a before and after to show how far this room has come:

PicMonkey Collage

Make no mistake, that brown tile looked nowhere near as good in person as it does in that picture. It was cracked, the grout was perma-dingy, and it made the room extremely dark.

Stay tuned for  with how-tos on things that did not go terribly at all: painting the walls and tile! And one final wrap up post with glamour shots for the room too. 😉




10 thoughts on “Bathroom Vanity

  1. I wonder if you could get one of those pull out racks that people use in their kitchens for extra storage? Like those narrow pull out spice rack type thing, and put that in there? I’m also a hoarder who thinks any tiny space can be used for storage, though, so maybe I’m the wrong person to advise here.

  2. The before and after pictures are amazing. What a rad transformation! I love the white painted tiles. They look so clean! In the gap on the left, I’d probably just put a filler board in there. On the bottom, your best bet is probably with rugs like you said. Keep up the great work!

  3. You know…I’d almost take out the kick board and put in new white boards on the bottom and on the side to make it look like it’s built in/cover up the plywood…. I know it’s not totally the look you’re going for but I think it may look more finished.

    I love all that white though! So bright, so yummy!

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