Goals for 2014

Last year I wrote a post called “13 Goals for 2013,” and recently I did an update to see how I measured up. When I started thinking about goals for 2014 I decided I didn’t want a big huge list- just a couple bullet points to keep me on track:

1. Finish all in-progress projects before starting any new ones!

  • Upstairs bathroom needs the painted grout cleaned up & a sidekick to cover the gap between the vanity and the wall
  • Half bath needs about half a wall more of wainscoting, then spackle and paint
  • Basement stairs need to be sanded and painted

2. Build something from scratch!

  • I want a built in desk in the guest room closet (as well as a complete guest room overhaul…) and we need a new console table in our bedroom. I’d really like to build both of these things all by myself, and I think I can.

3. Take better care of myself

  • I’m super neglectful of myself, for no real reason at all. I’m kicking off this goal by going to see an allergist this afternoon so I can get started on allergy shots. I’d also like to be more conscious of what I’m eating and what I’m putting on my skin- I need more vegetables, and I need less dollar store shampoo. End of story.


What are your goals for 2014?



2013 Round Up

This year my blog traffic has more then tripled (hello new readers! welcome!), so I thought I’d do a quick round up post with some highlights from the year.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite posts from 2013:

faux tile backsplash



If you scroll around on the right hand side of the page you’ll see links to my all-time most viewed pages, as well as a categorized page for each room of the house!

Thank you all so much for stopping by 🙂


Hello all! No posts last week, and there won’t be any posts this week either– it’s the holiday’s ya’all, and I have a lot of freaking traveling around to do.

Also, Matt & I got hit with the flu last Monday and are still recovering. But I’m off medicine finally and it’s time to get back to work.


Happy whatever-you-celebrate and see ya in 2014!


What’s In a Name

I thought I’d pop in today with a quick little bonus post because while I was scrolling through my personal Tumblr page for quotes for yesterday’s post, I stumbled upon these two pictures that I thought were gone forever.

The very first DIY I ever did…. the reason this blog is called Sandpaper & Glue:

before and after

About three and a half years ago (ish?)…. before owning a house was even in the picture… before I had ever even heard of a DIY blog… I found two sad little school chairs in my aunt’s basement and decided I needed them for my dining room table. So I brought them to my apartment… and sanded and sanded, then wood glued some of leg spindles back on, then painted each chair teal and added a cushion.

I had completed my first DIY without evening knowing what a DIY was!

Oh, and the table they were added to? Why that came from my Nana’s basement… and it was from the 60s. And there were vinyl chairs (which are awesome, BTW). They were in a room with blue Big Lots curtains tied back with old white shoelaces. There was also a $10 green rug from Walmart.

And a built in hutch I totally didn’t know to appreciate . And moulding I also did not know to appreciate:



I think it’s safe to say I’ve come a long way in 3.5 years.

…but I still totally love that table.

What was your first DIY?

Inspiration for the Ladies

I am feeling completely overwhelmed this month- How is Christmas so soon? How did I not buy all the gifts I need to yet? Also, we don’t even have a tree up. And we’re not going too. Christmas will happen whether or not we have a tree.

maya angelou

And then I thought I can’t possibly be the only one feeling so stressed out right now. So I shared another quote over on my Facebook page and thought I’d take a detour from DIY today to share a few other yeah! I can do it! quotes/pictures, for those of you that are feeling as disheveled as I am:

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 7.43.36 PM


Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 7.24.24 PM


And ladies, don’t forget:




Ps- sorry for the lack of sources, these are all from my Tumblr page. And Tumblr is a rabbit hole of reblogs and chaos.

DIY Copycat: Homemade Vanilla Extract

A few days ago Morgan @ Pepper Design Blog posted a how-to for homemade vanilla extract and I immediately knew it would be so perfect  as a  Christmas gift for a few people on my list. I’m not much into the zillions of gift guides happening in blogland right now, but this was the one. So thanks Morgan- you totally helped me cross a solid dozen people off my list.


The reason this stood out to me was because the only thing I needed to buy was the vanilla stalks- I had the bottles, the corks, the liquor, the and label ties already on hand (because I’m a hoarder). And she had already made a label template that I could just alter and print.

Here’s the easiest how-to ever on making a dozen Christmas gifts in  15 minutes:


And just to clarify what happens to those vanilla bean stalks:


Next I added the rum (we had Captain Morgan’s and Bacardi that people left here when we hosted Matt’s 30th bday party), topped with a wine cork, and tied on the label. Done!


If you need to buy bottles, or are wondering where to get vanilla, check out the post I copycatted from here. She’s got links to both. I used 1 stalk per 4oz jar, and I had a few 8oz jelly jars in my stash too so I put 2 stalks in each of those and will gift them to the hardcore bakers on my list (and, ahem, keep one for myself).

It’s important to note that these need to steep for at least a month, so you’ll notice my labels state “use after January 2014″…. actualllllllllly I just noticed on the label in the picture it says “use after January 2013” because I am a doof. Soooo… I made a new label just now:

vanilla label

Feel free to save and use it! Here’s a blank one:

vanilla label- blank

  • Right click over the image and save to your computer
  • Optional: Load the saved image into PicMonkey.com (or Paint if you don’t want a fancy font) then add text with your name, then and save it again.
  • Once saved, insert it into a Word document and copy and paste it to fill the page
  • Print & cut out!



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13 Plans for 2013: HOW I MEASURED UP

Friends, I have so many things to show you. Unfortunately, it requires daylight to take a proper picture of any of them and uhm, I happen to work during all the daylight hours. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a zillion pictures taken and then have literally a whole month’s worth of updates and DIY’s for you.

Until then, I’m looking back at my 13 plans for 2013 to see where I measured up and where I fell flat:

1. Finish redoing the half bath. For crying out loud!

I am so close to this one, this is one of the things I need to photograph, and I need your opinion on one aspect of it too!

Instagram proof that things are happening!

Instagram proof that things are happening!


2. Finish removing the carpet on the basement stairs, and repaint them.

Carpet is removed, stairs are spackled, just need to be sanded and painted (which will, btw, be the death of me. I am dreading it)


3. Repaint the sun room with big, thick stripes. (oh wait, I DID THAT ONE EARLY)

I freaking love those stripes.

I freaking love those stripes.


4. Do something, anything, to our pit of a yard.

I did lots of things, but the one I’m most proud of is building a garden bed wall.


5. Finish the walkway I dug up halfway and then never touched again.

This is a work in progress, it’s so hard to get level and to get the drainage right- but we are making steps and I think after this winter we can re-level and be good to go!


6. Create a lovely herb garden outside my sun room bay window

Relocated the spot to a new area in the yard, but all summer long we enjoyed oregano, basil, chocolate mint, and peppermint!


7. Switch out the bathroom light plate and outlet plates (to white!)

Done! Will show this when I photograph the whole updated bathroom.


8. Refinish the top of the dresser, because I didn’t realize I needed to seal it the first time around.

Haven’t touched yet– but I still have a few weeks!


9. Paint the movie room (which is the finished part of the basement).

Done! Not only did we paint the walls, but we hid all the cords too.


10. Buy a leaf blower and properly remove leaves before winter.

Bought a leaf blower, totally didn’t remove the leaves before winter. Oops?


11. Learn to use more power tools.

YES! I am in love with my jigsaw.



12. Add the hanging shelf to the master bedroom, because it’s been leaning up against the basement wall for about a year.

Done! And stained!



13. Even out the color palette for the house.

Done! Check out the paint color house tour:



How’d you do this year? Anything you’re super excited you got done? Anything you totally put off (ahem stair painting ahem)