13 Plans for 2013: HOW I MEASURED UP

Friends, I have so many things to show you. Unfortunately, it requires daylight to take a proper picture of any of them and uhm, I happen to work during all the daylight hours. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a zillion pictures taken and then have literally a whole month’s worth of updates and DIY’s for you.

Until then, I’m looking back at my 13 plans for 2013 to see where I measured up and where I fell flat:

1. Finish redoing the half bath. For crying out loud!

I am so close to this one, this is one of the things I need to photograph, and I need your opinion on one aspect of it too!

Instagram proof that things are happening!

Instagram proof that things are happening!


2. Finish removing the carpet on the basement stairs, and repaint them.

Carpet is removed, stairs are spackled, just need to be sanded and painted (which will, btw, be the death of me. I am dreading it)


3. Repaint the sun room with big, thick stripes. (oh wait, I DID THAT ONE EARLY)

I freaking love those stripes.

I freaking love those stripes.


4. Do something, anything, to our pit of a yard.

I did lots of things, but the one I’m most proud of is building a garden bed wall.


5. Finish the walkway I dug up halfway and then never touched again.

This is a work in progress, it’s so hard to get level and to get the drainage right- but we are making steps and I think after this winter we can re-level and be good to go!


6. Create a lovely herb garden outside my sun room bay window

Relocated the spot to a new area in the yard, but all summer long we enjoyed oregano, basil, chocolate mint, and peppermint!


7. Switch out the bathroom light plate and outlet plates (to white!)

Done! Will show this when I photograph the whole updated bathroom.


8. Refinish the top of the dresser, because I didn’t realize I needed to seal it the first time around.

Haven’t touched yet– but I still have a few weeks!


9. Paint the movie room (which is the finished part of the basement).

Done! Not only did we paint the walls, but we hid all the cords too.


10. Buy a leaf blower and properly remove leaves before winter.

Bought a leaf blower, totally didn’t remove the leaves before winter. Oops?


11. Learn to use more power tools.

YES! I am in love with my jigsaw.



12. Add the hanging shelf to the master bedroom, because it’s been leaning up against the basement wall for about a year.

Done! And stained!



13. Even out the color palette for the house.

Done! Check out the paint color house tour:



How’d you do this year? Anything you’re super excited you got done? Anything you totally put off (ahem stair painting ahem)





8 thoughts on “13 Plans for 2013: HOW I MEASURED UP

  1. I love this list! Might have to do a 14 things for 2014 and play along! Also- that shelf is amazing! Just pinned it and imagining a place for it in my home : )

  2. I’m totally impressed that you are so on top of things that you can review your list in the beginning of December. I’m going to need pretty much every second of the year before I revisit mine! Can’t wait to see all the projects 🙂

  3. You’re doing great with your list. I don’t even remember what was on mine… oops. I suppose I should go back and revisit that.
    I’m excited to see more of your pictures and projects!

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