What’s In a Name

I thought I’d pop in today with a quick little bonus post because while I was scrolling through my personal Tumblr page for quotes for yesterday’s post, I stumbled upon these two pictures that I thought were gone forever.

The very first DIY I ever did…. the reason this blog is called Sandpaper & Glue:

before and after

About three and a half years ago (ish?)…. before owning a house was even in the picture… before I had ever even heard of a DIY blog… I found two sad little school chairs in my aunt’s basement and decided I needed them for my dining room table. So I brought them to my apartment… and sanded and sanded, then wood glued some of leg spindles back on, then painted each chair teal and added a cushion.

I had completed my first DIY without evening knowing what a DIY was!

Oh, and the table they were added to? Why that came from my Nana’s basement… and it was from the 60s. And there were vinyl chairs (which are awesome, BTW). They were in a room with blue Big Lots curtains tied back with old white shoelaces. There was also a $10 green rug from Walmart.

And a built in hutch I totally didn’t know to appreciate . And moulding I also did not know to appreciate:



I think it’s safe to say I’ve come a long way in 3.5 years.

…but I still totally love that table.

What was your first DIY?


7 thoughts on “What’s In a Name

  1. I loved seeing your room, I so remember those tables and chairs, virtually indestructible! I think my first DIY besides painting walls was to cover an ugly counter-top and fridge in a rental with contact paper so I could handle spending time in my kitchen. I too have come a long way from that early 80s memory.

  2. This post makes me so so happy! My first DIY before I blogged was in mine and Aaron’s rental house. It was an entertainment center that my dad built for my parents years ago. But it had been sitting in their shed, unused for even more years. It was built for a boxy old SQUARE tv, but we had a flat screen that was rectangle. So we removed some of the shelves, and painted it black, and added knobs. We were SOOO proud. haha. I too, feel like we’ve come a long way in 3.5 years. That’s about how long ago it was!

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