High 5 for Friday

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Another week all wrapped up- and this one was a doozy. Particularly yesterday. I really needed to reflect on some good things, so here’s my high 5 for the week:

1. Sunday Matt & I took our nephew out for a little bit in the morning and it was so much fun. He’s such an easy, happy kid. We took him to get a haircut, for a little shopping (he said “stores! aisles!”), then to an ice cream place that has some farm animal you can visit (sheeps! goats! dada cow! baby cow!).

uncle and nephew

2. Matt wrapped up his 2nd and 3rd Master’s classes this week and I am so proud of how hard he worked this semester, taking classes while in his first year as a teacher himself. Way to go Matt! xo.

3. I got rid of the chalkboard wall, which I had been dying to do for a while, and hung up so really neat and very “us” art. I’m excited about how my style is growing and expanding.

Can you paint a thermostat? Because I kind of want to.

4. We went to the dairy farm last night and picked up some good, organic local food: free range eggs, grass fed beef, and fresh milk. Now that I’ve had the real stuff, I hate when I have to get these things at the grocery store. The taste difference is amazing.

farm fresh, organic, grassfed beef, local

via my instagram

5. We’ve been listening to a LOT of K-pop lately. A lot. It’s almost unhealthy. But I dare you not to be mesmerized.



9 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

  1. This is hilarious. My ex roommate got me into K dramas, and recently I exposed my sister to them. Now she is obsessed with G Dragon and 2NE1. The Korean wave is real!

  2. screw a dairy farm for eggs, get your own!!! a coop is easy to build and chicks can be fed compost for best egg results. if you are a regular fruit and veggie eater, you already have food to feed your chicks just from those food scraps & they are even better than farm eggs. hardly any cost-besides maybe coop building. incubating the chicks can happen in a plastic tub in your living room with a deck light from the hardware store. i couldn’t recommend it enough, the eggs are unreal!!

    • I totally agree- have BIG dreams for a coop, but my husband said no until we move and have a bit more land (2-3 years maybe). We’ve gone to a backyard chicken seminar all about raising them, getting started, and which birds can handle our winters. I started researching the coop build too! 🙂

      • i’ll have to stay posted on that when you finally get to it! i love having chickens because I know exactly what they are being fed. not that i don’t trust local farms-i totally do-i just like raising them myself. it’s also sort of a fun hobby and damn those chicks are cute!! i have box gardens in my yard so i feed my chicks compost from my own homegrown veggies as well. i live in nh but if I was closer i would give you some so you can see the difference! it’ll make you want them even more!

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