Wood Shims and Word Art (and the September Silhouette Challenge!)

Three years ago when we moved into this house we had to repair a bit of water damaged drywall in our basement, and because we knew nothing at all about home repair we bought a giant bundle of 4ft long wood shims (for about $10) to assist with this project. At the time I didn’t know they came in neat little 4inch long packages.

Anyway I’ve been using the shims to make wall decor ever since. Today’s project almost used up the last of it:

wood shim wall art pennant

Back in February I used my Silhouette Cameo to add a little Stevie Nicks quote to a map (I work at a college and the library regularly puts old/outdated books out for free. I regularly hoard them to make projects like this.). Here’s a close up, edited version of the quote so you can see it a little better:

stevie nicks quote vinyl letters

To mount it, I used my miter saw to cut wood shims down to a pennant shape.

Then, I used Gorilla wood glue to attach them to solid piece of 1×2.

After lettering it dry for 24 hours I used some Minwax stain cloths (leftover from my craft craft console table build) to stain the wood. I also added a little bit of gold craft paint to accent the edges and add some glam.

assembly wood shim pennant

I was afraid nails would split the shims, because they’re not really meant for stuff like this, so I applied the glue to the back of the 1×2 and then all around it as well. It’s solid as a rock now, and the 1×2 also serves as the hook for the wall.

guest room corner

This little corner is just so cozy now, and was sooooo inexpensive to put together:

  • Antlers and orange frame from Marshall’s, probably less than $20 for both
  • High-Chair is a $0 hand me down from a friend, updated here
  • Lamp is from Ikea, maybe about $10
  • Wood barrel was $6 from the Habitat Restore, spruced up with a walnut here
  • Wood Shim Wall Pennant cost $0 to make because I had everything on hand

wood shim wall decor gray guest room

Oh yeah, that wall map is yet another wood shim project (here). I may have a problem.

Also, the wood slice quote (which reads “everyday I’m hustlin’ “)? Another Silhouette project (here).


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28 thoughts on “Wood Shims and Word Art (and the September Silhouette Challenge!)

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  3. Great project Stephanie! Talk about getting some bang for your buck, those wood shims are awesome! And I love the vignette you created – seriously stylin’! I’m off to check out your other projects…

  4. I love that you created this with wood shims! I’ve been killing myself taking pallets apart. The map adds so much visual interest and is a great idea.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  5. Stephanie,
    Your shims and corner project is a wonderful example of cost effective decorating. I hope you buy more shims because you need to keep this creative path going. I am going to buy them. I have only bought the small ones to work on my house.
    Have a Creative day,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

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  7. Ok. I hearby award you the Kristy Award for Best Tip Ever. This award is given for the following tip:
    “Make sure you only do this project on the dingiest of basement floors, otherwise it won’t work.”

    Congrats for winning my brandy new made up award!

  8. I LOVE THIS!! I also have an odd love for old looking maps of the sort. Very cute project, as well it’s better to use the shims than leave them hanging out to rot away.

    • Thanks Alisha! Yes– every time the library puts out books for free I scour them for old geography stuff! My husband has a CT one in his office (where he’s from), we’ve got a framed map of Italy in the hallway, and now this one too. 🙂

  9. Very cute! I love when I have an idea for a project and the supplies are already on hand! Looks like you got a lot of use out of those shims.

  10. I love $0 already have everything projects! You should throw a big party when you finally use up the last of the shims 🙂

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