Halloween Costumes Through the Years

A very happy Halloween to all of you! I thought I’d pop in to show you all my costume from this year, as well as share some costumes from the past.

This year I ventured into the world of face paint, which I was very nervous about, but it came out great and my skin behaved itself and didn’t break out. I apologize for the crummy pictures, they were all taken at parties where the lightly was spook-ily dimmed. ūüôā

The Chesire Cat:

chesire cat face makeup how to halloween costume

  • I bought a cat ear headband online for a few dollars then used embroidery floss thread to add the purple and pink inside
  • I wore a purple and black striped tshirt (I already owned), a black skirt (already owned), and purple and black striped tights (under $5 at Walmart)
  • As for the face makeup, I used liquid and pencil black eyeliner and then white face paint then purple and pink eye shadows

The face paint took about 30-45 minutes, and I’ve literally never done it before so I was pretty pleased with how it came out. Here’s the how to:

  • Use your black pencil eyeliner to outline the shape of your mouth lightly on your face- you’re going to cover this up, but you need it to serve as your guide
  • Color in the shape using your white face paint (I used a q-tip to do this). It may take 2-3 coats to get it solid white
  • While your white is drying, use your liquid eyeliner to draw on your whiskers. I also had striped pink and purple eye shadow, and used a cream pink eye shadow to contour around my nose and under the smile (hard to see in pictures). You can add mascara and eyeliner to your liking as well
  • Finally, take your liquid mascara and trace around the outside of your smile and draw on your teeth

…as for my creepy ventriloquist dummy friend, you still just need white and black face paint/makeup. And apply fake lashes at the apples of your cheeks. She was horrifying.

chesire cat and alice in wonderlandOh and look at that- I found my Alice! Her costume is made out of TRASH BAGS. Seriously. She went as “trashy Alice in Wonderland” and I freaking love it.

And now a quick look at Halloweens of¬†the past….

female halloween costumes easy no make up

In 2006 I was Batgirl, and just bought a little girls extra large costume (adult costumes were like triple the price!). I wore a bathing suit boy short bottom underneath it and nylons with knee high boots.

In 2008 I was an astronaut and made that costume out of a child’s puffy winter jacket and a cardboard box wrapped in a sheet with some dishwasher hoses I found in my apartment.

In 2009 I was a pin up girl, just another store bought costume there and a cute hairstyle. My ventriloquist friend went as 50’s housewife that year (sidenote: she THOUGHT her costume was called “Joan Cleaver” but it actually was called “Joan Cleavage.” Damn you, sexy Halloween costume stereotypes!)

In 2013 I went with the stereotype and bought a sexy cheeseburger costume… but it was just because I found it hilarious that the costume even existed. My trashy Alice in Wonderland¬†was a lady Sherlock Holmes this year…she looked great!

So tell me…. what are YOU being for Halloween this year??



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DIY Wood Stain Wall Art

My Dad is the director of the senior center in my hometown, which is about 5 minutes outside out of Boston. So it totally makes sense that he has a southwestern themed office… right? Right! Anyway, I’m obviously always down for decorating anything so I told him I’d make some large scale art for him.

Enter: 3ft x 2ft wood stained and burned wall art:

wood stain large wall art diy

I bought 2 pine boards at Home Depot and had them cut in half (about $16 total). When I got home I used Gorilla Glue to initially attached the boards, and later screwed¬†2 1×2’s to the back for extra security (and added some D-rings for hanging).

After I let the glue dry I lightly sanded the boards and marked them up for stain:

frog tape outline on wall art

I used the chevron Frog Tape along the edges (in yellow) and 1 inch Frog Tape (in green) to mark the first round of stain. After the first round of staining, I pulled the tape off (while the stain was still wet) and let it dry for a day. Then I taped the next area I wanted taped off for round two.

There was a little bleeding here and there, but that was mostly my fault for loading on too much stain and actually I really like that it came out a little imperfect- looks more rustic that way. I used a lot of different colors and 3 types of stain (just 1 coat of each- painted it on with a foam brush then wiped it off with a rag):

minwax stain types

The color stain was awesome and goes on just as regular liquid wood stain does, the finishing cloths were great for really controlling exactly where the stain went (I used them in round 2 of staining), and the express color was sort of a gel consistency- probably my least favorite, but the most vibrant for sure.

After all the stain was dried, I used a wood burning pen to outline the center designs a bit more. This side by side shows the wood burning in the middle and how crisp the lines are between each color:

wood burn up closeOverall, this thing came out freaking awesome and I can’t wait to give it to my dad when I see him this weekend. For now, here’s how it looks staged in my office:

wood stain wall art large DIY

It’s baller. Also, it can be hung tall ways (as seen above) or long ways (with 2 screws and the D-rings already on back). I wish it matched the style of my house so I could make 900 more and plaster my walls with them. But for now, I guess I’ll just have my dad text me a picture of it in his space.

how to make wood stain art

What do you think? Are you loving the color? Or the wood burned detail? I personally love the green diamonds the most.

minwax frog tape wall art DIY

Minwax provided some of the stain for this project, but it was after I pitched this idea to them so all opinions and reviews are 100% mine. All day every day.

Thrift Score Thursday #38- HALLOWEEN COSTUME EDITION!

I am super excited to be guest posting for Thrift Score Thursday again, hosted by Brynne (The Gathered Home), Trisha (Black and White Obsession) and Cassie (Primitive and Proper). Corinna (For My Love Of) and I are joining in to help hype up thrifty Halloween costumes, and if you saw my post Monday you can probably guess that Halloween costumes are right up my alley. ūüôā

thrift score thursday halloween editionTake over the #ThriftScoreThursday tag with your thrifty Halloween costumes, old or new, and the favorites will be shared next week! ūüôā

Over the years, I’ve have many-a-thrifty costumes.¬†Last year I went the easy route and just bought a cheeseburger dress and called it a day, but my husband got creative with his Jayne (from Firefly) character: a shirt and pants from Salvation Army, and a knitted hat made by our friend’s mom, and a watch borrowed from our friend (the blurry one creeping in the back of the picture, haha). However, I think every year on this blog I’ve shared at least one image of my favorite Halloween costume, an astronaut I pieced together with a child’s puffy winter jacket, a cardboard box wrapped in a white sheet, some dishwasher hoses, and a DIY shift skirt.

Jayne costume hamburger costume astronaut girl female costume

Alright, let’s get down to business. How about this week’s awesome finds?

Sandra found these amazing brass deer, perfect to decorate with come Christmas time:

lightglassandtrend Heart her photo and follow her at LightGlassAndTrend

Shannon scooped us this amazing octagon table, and I’m super in love with it and all its’ spindles:

aninspirednestHeart her photo and follow her at AnInspiredNest

Thanks for having me, ladies! And everyone be sure to hop on to Twitter or Instagram and start sharing your best costumes with #ThriftScoreThursday!

Looking for more thrifty awesomeness? Continue on to the co-hosts, we each feature different finds:

Thrift Score Thursday Brynne color

Thrift Score Thursday Trisha color

Thrift Score Thursday Cassie

TST guest host Corinna

Halloween House Tour

In this house we love Halloween. I mean we LOVE it. I love the goofy, the scary. the cliche- all of it. So I put the word out to blogland and found a few other bloggers that feel the same- and today all 6 of us are sharing Halloween House Tours. Be sure to check out links to their blogs at the bottom of this post!

Get yourself a cup of blood… err, I mean coffee. Settle in. And prepare for¬†a lot¬†Halloween house pictures.

This is the room you step into when you enter the house (the door is just cut out of the left side of this picture). It only has 3 walls, so it opens directly into the kitchen and provides a lot of extra entertaining space.

gray and white sunroom striped walls halloween decorations

The cauldron is holding all our pumpkin carving supplies- we host a big pumpkin carving party every October. The bats are card stock I cut out with my Silhouette cameo and the vampire in the same window is from the dollar store. Spiderwebs ¬†are all strategically placed out of the cats reach. ūüėČ

AH! BUT WAIT! There’s something you can’t quite see in this shot:

easy tissue paper ghost DIY

I wanted something for the bay window that was large scale, but that wouldn’t block out all the light. A few pieces¬†of tissue paper and some freehand cutting gave me two great big ghosts. Huzzah!

halloween window displayOur window is so cheesy and awesome I can’t even take it. The sign on the left I got and the one on the right was gifted to me.¬†The cookie canister was an apartment warming gift from a friend many years ago, and the black vine¬†we actually just got from a friend this weekend– thanks Michelle!!

halloween serving tray

On the bar are these awesome napkins (also from a friend- are you seeing a gifts-for-Stephanie trend yet? lol) and some little plastic ants from the dollar store.

Since the kitchen opens up into the sunroom, we couldn’t very well not decorate it….

halloween decor in the kitchenOh look, there’s a napping cat on the chair. Heyyy Luigi!

Would you care for a spot of tea?

halloween decorations decorThat’s Matt’s pumpkin mug- and don’t you dare drink from it! The other two mugs were another house warming gift (Seeeee how enabled my Halloween obsession is!!)

Let’s check out the table area a little more closely too…

halloween kitchen table

Andddd we’re not quite done yet because there’s a little display on the counter as well…

kitchen halloween decorations

And lest you think we stop there… here’s one last picture. A wide shot of our living room (also open to the kitchen and sunroom):

halloween decor living roomFrom left to right: a pumpkin on the side table, an old school McDonald’s Halloween bucket on the built in (anyone else still have these kicking around), a skull & cross on the end table, graveyard display in the window, murderous tool banner above the window, and a nice big squeaky rat on the far right end table. Whew!

And that’s just the downstairs. Ahem.


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Designer Insights Interview

fall design trends

I recently did a quick little interview with Terry’s Blinds to talk about my style, where I get inspiration from, and what I’m loving right now….you can check it out¬†here.

I’ve been blogging here for just over 3 years now, and¬†I am surprised at how much I enjoy it. I love sharing my home, with my family that reads here and everyone else that comes too. I’m always surprised at the growing number of people that visit this little site, and I super appreciate it. I hope you all feel like you can do anything in your home too, and if I could send every girl in the world a power drill I would (and the like, 5 dudes that visit this site too, haha.)

Every time I think I’m out of projects about a zillion more pop up and I’m excited about all of them. Currently I have plans to make a cute cabinet for a friend’s mom, a craft crate plant stand, some string art as a gift for a friend… plus I still have to finish both my bathrooms and my basement stairs (I wonder how much longer I can leave them 90% done before Matt’s head explodes? hmmm.) Thanks for coming along for the ride!

In addition to the interview, they asked me to pick out some of my top decor choices for this season, and since several of them are DIY projects I thought I’d link back to them here in case you want to attempt them yourself.

The non-DIY projects are these chairs (which are actually on their way to my house¬†right now!!!! ahhhhh!!)¬†and these amazing looking blankets¬†¬†(I don’t think I could breathe if I spent that much money on a blanket, but just know that I want to).

As for DIY projects:

diy platform bench

This knockoff Nelson bench popped up in blogland a few months back, and I am obsessed with it. I don’t have the talent for it yet…¬†but I will.¬†

top pick 4- diy nailhead wall hanging and headboard by sarah dorsey designs

This DIY headboard and feature wall is from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs (about a year back) and it’s what got me hooked on her blog. If you’re not following her yet, you totally should be.

top pick 3- diy copper and wood light by vintage revivals

Mandi from Vintage Revivials just posted this DIY light a few days ago, and it is awesome. Check out the full tutorial here.

…what’s on your wish list this fall?

Halloween: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Halloween is my¬†absolute favorite holiday. I love it more then Christmas. If you’ve been around a while, you may remember this giant DIY window display I made last year:

diy-halloween window display

(See the how to here)

I’ve also been sharing a few sneak peaks of this years’ decorations on my Instagram:

halloween decorations

Welllllllll, I’ve¬†partnered up with 5 other bloggers and we’re all sharing a HALLOWEEN HOUSE TOUR on Monday October 20th!

halloween house tour

I’m so excited these blog friends agreed to play along and I can’t wait to share my house with you and see what these guys came up with! Check back Monday to tour my Halloween decorated house and hop around to all their blogs as well!

And if you want to check any of them out ahead of time, here’s the links:

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