Halloween House Tour

In this house we love Halloween. I mean we LOVE it. I love the goofy, the scary. the cliche- all of it. So I put the word out to blogland and found a few other bloggers that feel the same- and today all 6 of us are sharing Halloween House Tours. Be sure to check out links to their blogs at the bottom of this post!

Get yourself a cup of blood… err, I mean coffee. Settle in. And prepare for a lot Halloween house pictures.

This is the room you step into when you enter the house (the door is just cut out of the left side of this picture). It only has 3 walls, so it opens directly into the kitchen and provides a lot of extra entertaining space.

gray and white sunroom striped walls halloween decorations

The cauldron is holding all our pumpkin carving supplies- we host a big pumpkin carving party every October. The bats are card stock I cut out with my Silhouette cameo and the vampire in the same window is from the dollar store. Spiderwebs  are all strategically placed out of the cats reach. 😉

AH! BUT WAIT! There’s something you can’t quite see in this shot:

easy tissue paper ghost DIY

I wanted something for the bay window that was large scale, but that wouldn’t block out all the light. A few pieces of tissue paper and some freehand cutting gave me two great big ghosts. Huzzah!

halloween window displayOur window is so cheesy and awesome I can’t even take it. The sign on the left I got and the one on the right was gifted to me. The cookie canister was an apartment warming gift from a friend many years ago, and the black vine we actually just got from a friend this weekend– thanks Michelle!!

halloween serving tray

On the bar are these awesome napkins (also from a friend- are you seeing a gifts-for-Stephanie trend yet? lol) and some little plastic ants from the dollar store.

Since the kitchen opens up into the sunroom, we couldn’t very well not decorate it….

halloween decor in the kitchenOh look, there’s a napping cat on the chair. Heyyy Luigi!

Would you care for a spot of tea?

halloween decorations decorThat’s Matt’s pumpkin mug- and don’t you dare drink from it! The other two mugs were another house warming gift (Seeeee how enabled my Halloween obsession is!!)

Let’s check out the table area a little more closely too…

halloween kitchen table

Andddd we’re not quite done yet because there’s a little display on the counter as well…

kitchen halloween decorations

And lest you think we stop there… here’s one last picture. A wide shot of our living room (also open to the kitchen and sunroom):

halloween decor living roomFrom left to right: a pumpkin on the side table, an old school McDonald’s Halloween bucket on the built in (anyone else still have these kicking around), a skull & cross on the end table, graveyard display in the window, murderous tool banner above the window, and a nice big squeaky rat on the far right end table. Whew!

And that’s just the downstairs. Ahem.


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  4. Your home looks so fun! It’s been awhile since decorating for Halloween here… why did I stop?! Love how you even jazzed up your coffee area… probably the first place I’d hit myself! 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful tour Stephanie! I love your house so much! You have such great Halloween decor!

  6. First – this is awesome. So nice to have blog-friends who love Halloween as much as we do! Second – WHAT is the paint color in your living room (the last picture)?? It looks like exactly the kind of grey we’re always looking for.

    • oooh I love that gray- it’s the perfect NON blue/purple/green/yellow gray. It’s called Wheat Bread and it’s by Behr. I also recommend you take a look at Partridge Gray by Better Homes & Garden (that’s the gray stripe in our sunroom, colored matched to Behr)

  7. What a fantastic tour! I love how the living room has some ‘hidden’ gems! I have to say the skeleton bride and groom are my favorite pieces!!

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  11. Looks great! I love the big bay window with the ghosts–great way to fill that space 🙂

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