DIY Wood Stain Wall Art

My Dad is the director of the senior center in my hometown, which is about 5 minutes outside out of Boston. So it totally makes sense that he has a southwestern themed office… right? Right! Anyway, I’m obviously always down for decorating anything so I told him I’d make some large scale art for him.

Enter: 3ft x 2ft wood stained and burned wall art:

wood stain large wall art diy

I bought 2 pine boards at Home Depot and had them cut in half (about $16 total). When I got home I used Gorilla Glue to initially attached the boards, and later screwed 2 1×2’s to the back for extra security (and added some D-rings for hanging).

After I let the glue dry I lightly sanded the boards and marked them up for stain:

frog tape outline on wall art

I used the chevron Frog Tape along the edges (in yellow) and 1 inch Frog Tape (in green) to mark the first round of stain. After the first round of staining, I pulled the tape off (while the stain was still wet) and let it dry for a day. Then I taped the next area I wanted taped off for round two.

There was a little bleeding here and there, but that was mostly my fault for loading on too much stain and actually I really like that it came out a little imperfect- looks more rustic that way. I used a lot of different colors and 3 types of stain (just 1 coat of each- painted it on with a foam brush then wiped it off with a rag):

minwax stain types

The color stain was awesome and goes on just as regular liquid wood stain does, the finishing cloths were great for really controlling exactly where the stain went (I used them in round 2 of staining), and the express color was sort of a gel consistency- probably my least favorite, but the most vibrant for sure.

After all the stain was dried, I used a wood burning pen to outline the center designs a bit more. This side by side shows the wood burning in the middle and how crisp the lines are between each color:

wood burn up closeOverall, this thing came out freaking awesome and I can’t wait to give it to my dad when I see him this weekend. For now, here’s how it looks staged in my office:

wood stain wall art large DIY

It’s baller. Also, it can be hung tall ways (as seen above) or long ways (with 2 screws and the D-rings already on back). I wish it matched the style of my house so I could make 900 more and plaster my walls with them. But for now, I guess I’ll just have my dad text me a picture of it in his space.

how to make wood stain art

What do you think? Are you loving the color? Or the wood burned detail? I personally love the green diamonds the most.

minwax frog tape wall art DIY

Minwax provided some of the stain for this project, but it was after I pitched this idea to them so all opinions and reviews are 100% mine. All day every day.


24 thoughts on “DIY Wood Stain Wall Art

  1. Hi Stephanie. I love the piece you did for your Dad. I’ve done wood burning for awhile and have a tip for you. If you do another stained section piece, draw the design in pencil and burn the lines before you stain. That way you can sand out any burns that traveled a little out of the line. And when you apply the stain, you won’t have to mask off. You can use a flat tipped brush on the area and being careful, none of the stain will travel into the next area.

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  5. Great job! I need to be working on my kids’ DIY skills now so they can make me cool stuff when they grow up 🙂

  6. Amazing job! I eye the colored stains every time I’m at the hardware store. There’s a minty green one I want to try out on something…anything!

  7. What a fantastic piece, and I’m sure your dad and the rest of the senior center appreciate the lovely art!

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