Influenster Nation

Oh hi all! While you’re cooking up a storm and mapping out your Black Friday plans, I thought I’d  throw up a quick post about Influenster for you to mull over as well. I’ve got several invites if you want one. 🙂

Influenster was one of the first sites I signed up for when I decided to start blogging. Basically, it’s a website where you can not only write reviews for products you use- but also potentially receive some products in the mail to test out and try. You don’t have to be a blogger, just someone who’s active on social media

oh yeah... and there's an app for that.

oh yeah… and there’s an app for that.

This has not just been blog fodder to me. A lot of the stuff I’ve received I’ve then turned around and purchased on my own:

Colgate Optic White toothpaste ( totally works and is literally in my bathroom right now! original post here)

Dickinson Witch Hazel toner and make up removing pads (these have become a staple in my house, I even mentioned them in my last health round up. I also mentioned them in a post May of last year. and the original post is  here)

Victoria Secret sports bra and knockout crop pants (I use these pretty much every day, unless they’re in the wash. original post here)

Urgent Rx powders (this stuff takes care of headaches like whoa! original post here)

KISS fake eyelashes (awesome at my bachlorette! original post here)


Let me know if  you want an invite! Just comment below (and make sure to include your email address).


Healthy Living Check In: November

Since the summer I’ve been sharing a few personal check in posts, and I thought what with the holidays that it may be a good time to give an update.

Fitness & Weight

  • I have sort of plateaued at 14 pounds of weight loss (since June). I have about 5-6 more pounds to go, but seriously, now is not the time for that. My goal is to maintain my current weight loss throughout the holidays, then get back to trying to lose in January/February. BUT, for anyone, weight loss shouldn’t be the only goal! I want to be more fit and that’s more important then the number on the scale. So, my fitness goal is to run a 5k in April. It’s one my family fund raises for each year so it’s important to me and also doable.
  • T25 has been a great fitness routine so far! My husband and I did 2 rounds of Alpha and now we’re moved up to Beta- which I think we will also do 2 rounds of. There’s a Gamma level as well, but I think I want to try something new (Piyo? Hip hop abs?). Really, I just want to run outside but it’s winter in New England so that’s not going to happen right now.

funny running quote

Health & Mind

  • I’m still going strong with my allergy shots and I’m still feeling good about them! At this point I get them once a month (3 in total), and my arms usually hurt that evening and are a little tender the next day, but it’s no big deal.
  • I overloaded this semester… and I write about time in semesters because I’m a full time college advisor and a part time faculty member. I agreed teach 3 classes this semester (in addition to my 40 hour/week full time position) because we needed/wanted the money, and that was too much. I need to scale back on the work and realize we are financially stable despite how much I want all our debt to be paid off right this second.
  • Trying to give back in small ways has become more important to me. I have a harsh and sarcastic personality, but in my mind all I want to do is save animals and empower women. I don’t think it comes across that way in real life. Hmm. I need to figure something out for this.

she believed she could inspirational quote

Skin & Beauty

  • As much as I tell everyone I stopped aging at 25, I didn’t. Ugh. Skincare is important, particularly because I have psoriasis. Winter is harsh and for some reasons my legs feel it the most. I’ve been using this Aveeno souffle on my legs every night after I shower, except on the nights when I shave my legs and then I use this ahhhh-mazing body oil by Farmhouse Fresh. I super recommend them (and those companies don’t know who I am, these are just products I use and recommend to you).
  • I’m a big fan of all things Dickinson’s, so this witch hazel toner is also amazing on my face after my shower, and I haven’t had a break out in months. Bonus: my husband uses it too!
  • I’m in desperate need of a new shampoo/conditioner combo that isn’t a million dollars, but isn’t super cheap either. Tresumme and Fructis just aren’t cutting it any more… any suggestions?

kindness quote

How are you keeping healthy lately? Got any programs to recommend? Shampoo/Conditioners I’m missing out on?


See previous healthy living posts here: June / July / October

An interview, a book, & a recipe

I’ve got a little hodgepodge of thoughts for you today…

1. I’m over at Terry’s Fabric’s blog talking about creative trends (colors, textiles, fabrics) that are interesting to mix and match. Check it out here.

trendy fabric material colors


2. Have you checked out the Craft Fail book by Heather Mann yet? I got it in the mail and meant to just flip through it and then read it later…. but like an hour later I was on the couch going page by page. Loved it! Makes a great coffee table book and would be a fun little gift for a crafter in your life.


3. Tis the season to cook/bake your butt off. Might I suggest the following dish…

pumpkin pie cake

I made it two years ago and it was a huge hit- so so good. And super easy! Check it out on Sawdust & Embryos.


What’s happening in your world these days? Share in the comments!

Easy DIY Display Shelf

It’s kind of weird that the room we spend the most time in has gotten the least amount of attention on the blog- but that’s probably because it’s not the most beautiful space in our house, even though it’s definitely the coziest (and the most awesome). Also, it’s a basement so there’s limited lighting andddd we painted super dark walls.

Matt & I are really into movies, and we own over 5,000 of them. Some of them are autographed, some are limited editions, some have collectibles to go along with them. We have plenty of space to store all the movies, but not the space to display some of the stuff we love. So I built 3 super easy floating display shelves using 1×2 and 1×8 boards.

diy floating display shelves

Let’s side track for a second: Not too long ago when I’d read a DIY post and it would have lumber measurements in it my eyes would glaze over and I’d assume I couldn’t do it. YOU CAN TOTALLY BUY LUMBER. That section of big orange or big blue is extremely intimidating… but you can do hard things! Go! Wander around! Find wood!

Ok. Back on track. Shelves.

shallowed floating shelves

I built one long shelf for along a side wall, and then 2 to go above our windows. I used a miter saw to make the cuts (the 1×2 was 1 cut, the 1×8 required me to cut one side then flip it to cut the other). A jigsaw or circular saw would work just as well.

Make pilot holes in your 1×2, then screw it into the wall- if you can find studs that would be best but these aren’t holding a lot of weight so it didn’t matter too much for us. I spaced my screws about a foot and a half apart, and buried them so I could fill them in and paint smoothly over them.

I applied Gorilla Glue on top of the 1×2, then placed the 1×8 on top and screwed it in, spacing those screws similarly and being really careful to drill straight so they didn’t pop through.

display shelf above window


I painted the shelves the same color as the walls (City Nights by Clark + Kensington). For the two shelves above the window, I screwed the 1×2 directly above the molding and it blends in really well.

blu ray storageThe 3 light wood shelving systems you see above are for our blu-rays, each one holds 500 so we’ve got plenty of room to grow. We can use the top of those, plus the 3 display shelves to keep our autographed movies and paraphernalia out and about.

Behind the couch is where all our DVD’s are…

built in shelf for movies


Those shelves were similarly built- 1×2’s along the side walls with 1×8’s on top. We did that when we first moved in with the intention of painting them (and the whole built in area) white… but… that never happened. And now there’s thousands of movie sin the way. Womp womp.

Got any questions? Leave them in the comments!

(PS- to see how we hid the wires for our 7 speaker surround sound, check here.)





#Inspiration Friday

Ok so I totally slacked blogging this week- sorry about that! It’s been insanely busy working my full time job, my part time job, and managing to have a life (those O-Town reunion concerts aren’t going to attend themselves….). But I’ll be back next week with some super easy display shelves that anyone can build. Pinky promise.

As for this week, I managed to squeak together another Inspiration Friday graphic for you, a quote from the magnificent Charles Eames. (See all of them here.)

take your pleasure seriously charles eames quote

Life Lately via Social Media

I was hoping to have a project for you today, but it’s not quite done yet. Someone really needs to create caulk/glue/liquid nails products that are dry and ready for sanding 10 minutes after application. Waiting 24 hours is not something I handle well.

So instead of beautifully styled shelves you get this:

sandpaperglue instagram

I bought a bunch of 1×2’s and 1×8’s and I’m building some shelves in our (rarely blogged about) movie room because our hoard of box sets and autographed paraphernalia has gotten a little out of hand. The wood is up on the wall, and I added some liquid nails to the seams just to make it extra strong. Hopefully tonight I can sand and paint, then share the room with you by the end of the week.

Also, we bought new dining room chairs like a month ago. They are AWESOME and I am OBSESSED with them. Here’s an Instagram pic of them for those of you who don’t follow me there:

eames knockoff white dining chairs

One day I’ll pack up the Halloween decor, do the dishes, and take a few nice pictures to show you the whole space. For for now all you need to know is that these chairs make me so very happy and I haven’t decided if I love the table with them or not. What do you think?

ALSO, one more update for you from my Twitter account:

sandpaperglue tweet

I guess I’m going to be a real estate agent now? I don’t know what happened. One of my college friends texted me that there was a Groupon and let’s do this, and so now we’re doing it. We are going to 40 hours worth of classes, 8am-6pm Saturday and Sunday for two weekends in a row in February. The classes will get us the certificate we need to sit for the exam… I haven’t even looked into the exam yet. I haven’t even told my family I’m doing this yet (so yeah, mom and Nonna, uhh this is happening? I’ll call you! haha.)

My friend convinced me very easily by saying the worst case scenario is that we learn a ton more about real estate (and I reallllly like real estate so that’s cool). The best case scenario is that we build a thriving real estate empire and take over the world. It’s a win/win really.


Soooooo… those are some things.  It feels like BAM November is here and we are so BUSY and it WON’T STOP for months and WHY is it so dark because now I’ll really get nothing done. What’s happening in your life? 🙂