Easy DIY Display Shelf

It’s kind of weird that the room we spend the most time in has gotten the least amount of attention on the blog- but that’s probably because it’s not the most beautiful space in our house, even though it’s definitely the coziest (and the most awesome). Also, it’s a basement so there’s limited lighting andddd we painted super dark walls.

Matt & I are really into movies, and we own over 5,000 of them. Some of them are autographed, some are limited editions, some have collectibles to go along with them. We have plenty of space to store all the movies, but not the space to display some of the stuff we love. So I built 3 super easy floating display shelves using 1×2 and 1×8 boards.

diy floating display shelves

Let’s side track for a second: Not too long ago when I’d read a DIY post and it would have lumber measurements in it my eyes would glaze over and I’d assume I couldn’t do it. YOU CAN TOTALLY BUY LUMBER. That section of big orange or big blue is extremely intimidating… but you can do hard things! Go! Wander around! Find wood!

Ok. Back on track. Shelves.

shallowed floating shelves

I built one long shelf for along a side wall, and then 2 to go above our windows. I used a miter saw to make the cuts (the 1×2 was 1 cut, the 1×8 required me to cut one side then flip it to cut the other). A jigsaw or circular saw would work just as well.

Make pilot holes in your 1×2, then screw it into the wall- if you can find studs that would be best but these aren’t holding a lot of weight so it didn’t matter too much for us. I spaced my screws about a foot and a half apart, and buried them so I could fill them in and paint smoothly over them.

I applied Gorilla Glue on top of the 1×2, then placed the 1×8 on top and screwed it in, spacing those screws similarly and being really careful to drill straight so they didn’t pop through.

display shelf above window


I painted the shelves the same color as the walls (City Nights by Clark + Kensington). For the two shelves above the window, I screwed the 1×2 directly above the molding and it blends in really well.

blu ray storageThe 3 light wood shelving systems you see above are for our blu-rays, each one holds 500 so we’ve got plenty of room to grow. We can use the top of those, plus the 3 display shelves to keep our autographed movies and paraphernalia out and about.

Behind the couch is where all our DVD’s are…

built in shelf for movies


Those shelves were similarly built- 1×2’s along the side walls with 1×8’s on top. We did that when we first moved in with the intention of painting them (and the whole built in area) white… but… that never happened. And now there’s thousands of movie sin the way. Womp womp.

Got any questions? Leave them in the comments!

(PS- to see how we hid the wires for our 7 speaker surround sound, check here.)






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  2. ooh, I like how they’re painted the same color as the walls! And, of course, I appreciate the input from the animals 🙂

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