FIT into the Home: a Word of the Year Update

In my word of the year post I talked about how I wanted to bring things into my home that fit my personal style and taste. I want to try not to be as wholly influenced by all the pretty images I see online and in stores and really focus on what like- which is more difficult than you might think.

Some areas of my house I feel like I’m hitting the nail right on the head, and others have a bit of a ways to go. One of my favorite spots, that I don’t share too often on the blog because it’s super hard to photograph, is my front entrance:

grey and white eclectic entry way

We enter the house through the side door, so this area is just sort of set up for show. This little spot is filled with so many things that are special. From left to right:

  • White bust is from Homegoods (about $50)
  • My thermostat is painted gray (with just acrylic paint) with a white thrift store frame  ($1?) around it
  • The scale is from my father in law, found abandoned where he works
  • The big wine jug was my great grandfather’s and the little is just a cheap Carlo Rossi wine jug (with all our change)
  • The trunk was from Target in 2003- it’s what I used to pack for college!
  • White bird cage is from my grandmother’s house
  • The awesome mirror is from the Habitat ReStore (about $25)
  • Spray painted and glazed storage chest is from the ReStore as well (how to is here)
  • The small gray frames are from my mom, and the canister is Missoni for Target a while back
  • Black mirror is from the Salvation Army (about $10)

I think the combination of everything just screams Stephanie Lives Here! I mean look at the up close of this mirror:

etched and layered mirror

Some of it is regular mirror, some of it is etched glass, some of it is shiny metal overlay. It’s so ridiculous and awesome. Definitely not for everyone, especially if you don’t have a strong fondness for the ’80s. 😉

front entry way styled simply

Overall, the floor and stairs are in shambles and… full disclosure …there’s totally a litter box to the right that is framed out of the picture and my pets’ toothpaste and toothbrushes are stored in that Missoni canister. But this area fits.

What area in your house fits you best? What’s your thought process for bringing things into your home?


10 thoughts on “FIT into the Home: a Word of the Year Update

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  2. That scale is awesome. Where to keep the litter box was seriously one of the main things we thought about when house hunting 🙂

  3. Your taste is changing. Knowing how that front door looked.(chalk slate)
    I love what you have done. If the snow melts by May I will come to see it. Love you

  4. I come in my house in the back and for some reason I can’t keep that room straingt for anything. Makes me always feel like a mess soon as I walk in my door. LOL@ the litter box. Isn’t it funny how we can selectively show things and isn’t the world of cropping wonderful

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