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This post is written in collaboration with, but of course all thoughts and ideas are my own. And actually, is a site I used regularly long before I ever talked to them about a collaboration so it’s kind of exciting to pair up now. 🙂


Matt and I have been together for almost 6 years now, and have known each other for even longer. We’ve never really gotten into the idea of Valentine’s Day and usually just have a nice dinner at home, or a simple dinner and movie date out. Every now and then I get him a card and write something nice in it, but it’s nothing regular or expected. Last year I  just posted this on his Facebook wall and called it a day:


via (and ps- everything in this Etsy shop is great and I’ve purchased from this designer several times)

More poignant for me is the idea of a day where we all just show kindness and appreciation for someone- anyone! This is the kind of sentiment I can get on board with. We’re not nice to each other often enough. You know?

I think a little something to show someone you care (a significant other, your kids, a friend, a teacher, a coach) is a great idea. Enter: Valentine’s Day Magazine on The Good Stuff by Coupons.comThis entire e-zine has great ideas for gifts and deals, and even a Valentine’s Day Sales specific page.
valentines-magazine-coverClick on the image to move trough to the whole e-zine, or access it HERE.

Oh my goodness you guys, there is so much good stuff in here (including a link on pages 2-3 to enter the Share the Love Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes with daily cash prizes of $100 for the winner and $100 for the winner’s friend – until 2/28!!!).

My favorite parts of the magazine, in addition to all the DIY projects, are:

  • Pages 12-15 are filled with movie suggestions for you to watch on Valentine’s Day. As a film professor, yes, I appreciate all of this and totally recommend you watch Before Sunrise (and every other movie in the series!)
  • Pages 18-19 have FREE printables for you to use as cards and on gifts!
  • Page 47 has a delicious looking sangria recipe!

So tell me- what do you do on Valentine’s Day? Or is it Gal-entine’s Day? Or maybe you just call it Love Day? … whatever it may be for you, I want to know!


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  1. ooh, that reminds me that we haven’t watched the latest installment of the Before Sunrise series! Maybe we’ll do THAT for Valentine’s Day, because we really go all out 😉

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