Team Tish 2015

I’m popping in with a rare Saturday post today for something completely off topic from DIY and home decor. But it’s my blog so I’ll post what I want. 😛

In 2009 my great-aunt, Angie, passed away and among those she left behind is her daughter Tish. My family stepped on board to care for her, in particular my brother who has legal guardianship of her (he has a PsyD and is beyond qualified for this) and mom mother who is diligent about looking after her care and well being.

Tish lives full time at New England Pediatric Care, where she gets the intense care she needs. And NEPC is awesome. I mean so, so awesome. Every employee practically has a visible halo above their head. Which is why this is the 6th year in a row my entire family is fundraising for them.

team tish

Every year we walk for and with Tish, in honor of Aunt Angie, to fund raise for New England Pediatric Care and all of its’ residents.

Team Tish Collage

and every year my dog shows his butt to the camera.

ANYWAY- the whole point of this is me asking you to please consider making a donation of any amount (even $1!). Or a kind word of support. Or a thumbs up. Whatever. Anything you have to offer is appreciated. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE HERE.

Thanks so much!

(I’ll be back to regular posts on Monday, and I’ve got a great DIY build to share!)


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