Quick Craft: Adding Pockets to a Tote (without sewing a thing!)

Today I’m at SNAP Conference in Salt Lake City surrounded by 500 other talented crafty bloggers learning, creating, and celebrating the friendships we’ve made because of blogging… so I decided to team  up with Abbey from The Cards We Drew and a bunch of other bloggers to create “Crafts in a SNAP” {15 Minute Craft Ideas} so that ANYONE, whether beginner or seasoned pro, can learn to create fun and handmade items in no time at all!

I decided to share a quick update to the tote bag I’m lugging around here at Snap– but be sure scroll down below to check out some of what my blogging friends have to offer!! Have fun and get creative!

I love me a good tote bag. What I do not love is that they pretty much never have pockets and all my things slosh around. So I decided to remedy that.

how to use scrap fabric material to make no sew pockets

I got this amazing tote from Emily McDowell on Etsy to take with me to Snap! (a DIY/craft blogging conference- more to come on that soon) and decided to add a few little pockets so I’d have a spot for my business cards, chapstick, etc.


  • adorable tote
  • adorable fabric (I just used scraps I already had)
  • hem tape, scissors, iron, damp cloth

iron on hem tape fabric in a canvas tote

To do:

  • cut fabric into squares of your desired size (I just laid out all the things I would want to put in them, then cut an inch around that)
  • iron your fabric and tote so it’s wrinkle free
  • fold in the edges of your fabric (so the frayed cuts don’t show) then turn your canvas inside out and hem tape it on with your iron
  • marvel in your amazingly organizeable tote

no sew pockets for a canvas tote

The end! Doesn’t get much easier than that 😉

easy scrap fabric pockets

Pin it so you don’t forget it! 🙂


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Inspiration Living Rooms: A Round Up

I had every intention of doing a project last night-  Matt was going to be at class, then had some friends over, and I was going to have the whole night to myself. But then I turned on “just one episode” of Gilmore Girls (Netflix instant!), and suddenly it was 7 episodes later and I had eaten an entire Domino’s cheesy bread in my sweats under the covers and it was 11:00 so I went to bed. On the plus side though, I am extremely excited to almost be at the episodes where Lorelai and Luke get together because it is a long time coming.

ANYWAY in an attempt to be a good little blogger and not skip a whole week of posting, I thought I’d share some rooms I’m loving with you. I have a whole living room redo knocking around in my brain and these rooms are my inspiration.

First, here’s a semi recent look at my living room:

gray and white living room with zebra print

neutral gray living roomIt’s just so…. gray. Which was my goal originally and so not my goal  now. That black bench is broken beyond repair (RIP) and I have a new one picked out (on back order, hopefully I can get it soon). The black coffee and end tables were a poor choice in retrospect- black furniture and 4 pets? Helloooo visible dust and hair.

So here’s my inspiration…

(please pin from original sources)

rustic spanish blue and white living room(via Queen Emily Henderson)

I am craving white walls everywhere, and blue. So much more blue. I’m pretty sure the Sharpie Stencil Wall is on it’s way out to be replaced with a white accent wall that will match our front entrance and stair landing.

dash line accent wall - gray and white layered and textured bedroom(via The Nester)

I love the fearless random dashes on the wall, the layered textures and fabrics, and the coziness/quirkiness of this room. My living room is a bit stark and formal, which was my intention when I first put it together but not the feel I want for my home now.

yellow orange red pink rustic wood living room(via The Every Girl)

Color!! I need color in my life. The gray and white and black is making me sleepy and it needs a punch of energy. And with the color, I also am digging wood tones everywhere. I’m not a shabby chic kind of girl, but I have some good ideas on how to bring wood into the room (I’m looking at you, coffee tables)

light white glam mixed pattern living room(via Cuckoo 4 Design)

Have you checked out Cuckoo 4 Design? I love her whole house- it’s bold and stylish and shiny and it’s awesome. No matter how much I want lightness and layers and texture, I still have zebra striped chairs and they’re not going anywhere. There’s got to be a good way to mix rustic and glam and I’m going to figure it out.

SO! There you have it. And if you’re looking for even more room/project/decor inspiration, check out all my Pinterest boards HERE.

Things I Didn’t DIY

A few months ago I re-purposed an old kitchen cabinet into a free standing kitchen cabinet for my friend’s mom (here). When I staged it in my sunroom I loooooved it and immediately wanted to make my own.

I had grand plans to build it completely from scratch. And I know that I’m capable of doing that. But then I walked into Homegoods and there was this perfectly sized, great stain colored cabinet sitting on a platform. Ready to come home and work for me. Soooo I just bought it, put it in the corner, and called it a day:

sunroom - mudroom- bar storage and seating - gray and yellow

I love to DIY, and I really want to get into building more, but man… what’s the point in saving all this money by doing stuff on my own if when I see something I like I can’t just throw down some dollars and walk away done? AmIRight?

striped wall room with painted furniture

ALSO, hands down the best thing I ever did for that room was pretend that floors weren’t green. I love the stripes (how to is here) and those chairs aren’t perfect for the space but they’ll do for now (how to on those is here). The little table is from Target.

Even though we call this room the sunroom, it’s kind of an everything room for us. It’s where we enter and leave the house, it’s how we get into the yard, and it’s where we entertain when we have lots of people over because it’s completely open to the kitchen).

open concept split level ranch house floor plan - sunroom mudroom to kitchen

Andddd speaking of the kitchen, I sold the country style chairs that came with that table and bought these awesome Eames knockoff ones. We’ve had them for several months and they are perfect- just the right amount of give when you lean back and a nice low profile.

eames knockoff white kitchen chairs

And again, I just threw down the money and bought what I wanted instead of hunting down old chairs to fix up. #SorryNotSorry. This room is full of DIYs anyway though- check out that upcycled wall art HERE and the painted faux tile backsplash HERE, as well as the faux door molding HERE. That little tray the pet water bowls are on is also just some painted and sealed scrap wood. Whew!

So what do you think? How do you decide when to buy vs. when to DIY?

DIY Pet Food Stand

We have 3 cats and a dog in our house, and they’re all pretty big fatties. The cats all eat together in the kitchen, and then we feed the dog upstairs in our bedroom (if he eats with them, he’ll steal their food, and if we’re not in the room with him he won’t eat at all).

The old plastic gray food bowl we had started bothering me decor-wise. I found THIS idea in a Pinterest search, then headed down to my scrap wood pile to see what I had on hand…

DIY dog food stand for medium and large dogs

  1. I cut my MDF down to a rectangle with my miter saw, then used the bowls from my old stand to outline the inside circles I’d need for the bowls. Next, I used a drill bit to make 4 largeish holes in each circle. The holes are then where you can slip in your jigsaw to cut out the actual shape.
  2. Once the top was set, I cut my legs. Four 2x2s to go straight down, then two 1×2’s to as a more modern looking base. Originally I was going to use pocket holes to attach the legs to the top (you can see the holes I drilled for it), but I decided that was overkill so I just glued everything with Gorilla Glue.
  3. After the base was built I glued it to the MDF top and sanded the whole thing down. Then the top got 2 coats of Behr Waterscape, the legs got a coat of Natural Oak stain with Minwax finishing cloths, then I taped off a few random areas and made gold stripes (because everything needs a little gold!)
  4. To finish, I added 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic to the top (don’t skip this step! especially if your dog is a sloppy water drinker)

wooden dog cat bowl DIY tutorial

Voila! Much better 🙂

Sidenote: Did you know it helps with digestion for medium sized and larger dogs to eat with a raised stand? Having to arch their necks all the way to the ground can make for an upset stomach.

wooden pet dish- inexpensive and easy to DIY

You see those things that look like empty shelves on the wall? Those are actually cat ledges- and they LOVE THEM. So yeah, our bedroom has a dog bed, a dog bowl, and 2 cat ledges. We’ve lost control of our lives.

(Also- ps- instructions for the DIY Craft Crate console table is here)


Word of the Year Update: FIT in 2015

Originally I was going to have an easy little DIY for you all today, but it’s not quite done yet so I thought I’d do a word of the year update instead. word of the year one word 365

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.”


This year started off less than great, with the death of a family member I was really close with. And even though it was a bit expected, it still sucks. So on the health front, I didn’t exercise one second in January. Honestly, all I wanted to do was sit around in sweats and eat chocolate and I at least refrained from the eating chocolate part so I’m pretty ok with the non-movement. Then in February we got over 100 inches of snow. In like 3 weeks. It was record breaking, and exhausting, and then it started raining in my living room (ice dams) so basically I still didn’t exercise. Hibernating won over. However, I didn’t gain back any of the weight I lost and I really am looking forward to running when the weather is right so whatever. I guess I sort of failed on the health front? I kind of don’t care- exercise is not how I work through grief. Re-watching all of the Gilmore Girls in my pajamas under the covers is.


I really wanted to spend this year refocusing my home to include a things and a look that I love, and I’m making progress on that front (I shared my fun front entry here), I have a little project to hopefully share later this week, and a whole post on “things I didn’t DIY” coming up soon.


Time sort of feels like a success as well. I was offered an extra course this semester (in addition to the others I am already teaching) and I turned it down because 1.75 full time jobs is quite enough. Matt and I also booked a Bahamas vacation with two of our friends for this summer, and I can’t freaking wait. We’ve also been less hermit-like lately- we went to a movie premiere on a Monday night! A work night people, that is huge. And we’ve had a few other date nights as well.

word of the year fit

So overall, not so bad on the fit goals. But there’s definitely room for improvement? How are things on your resolution/word of the year front??