Word of the Year Update: FIT in 2015

Originally I was going to have an easy little DIY for you all today, but it’s not quite done yet so I thought I’d do a word of the year update instead. word of the year one word 365

“There are years that ask questions, and years that answer.”


This year started off less than great, with the death of a family member I was really close with. And even though it was a bit expected, it still sucks. So on the health front, I didn’t exercise one second in January. Honestly, all I wanted to do was sit around in sweats and eat chocolate and I at least refrained from the eating chocolate part so I’m pretty ok with the non-movement. Then in February we got over 100 inches of snow. In like 3 weeks. It was record breaking, and exhausting, and then it started raining in my living room (ice dams) so basically I still didn’t exercise. Hibernating won over. However, I didn’t gain back any of the weight I lost and I really am looking forward to running when the weather is right so whatever. I guess I sort of failed on the health front? I kind of don’t care- exercise is not how I work through grief. Re-watching all of the Gilmore Girls in my pajamas under the covers is.


I really wanted to spend this year refocusing my home to include a things and a look that I love, and I’m making progress on that front (I shared my fun front entry here), I have a little project to hopefully share later this week, and a whole post on “things I didn’t DIY” coming up soon.


Time sort of feels like a success as well. I was offered an extra course this semester (in addition to the others I am already teaching) and I turned it down because 1.75 full time jobs is quite enough. Matt and I also booked a Bahamas vacation with two of our friends for this summer, and I can’t freaking wait. We’ve also been less hermit-like lately- we went to a movie premiere on a Monday night! A work night people, that is huge. And we’ve had a few other date nights as well.

word of the year fit

So overall, not so bad on the fit goals. But there’s definitely room for improvement? How are things on your resolution/word of the year front??


3 thoughts on “Word of the Year Update: FIT in 2015

  1. No one should ever be judgemental when it comes to how people work through grief. If getting lost in netflix is your medicine, DO IT. I hope your heart starts to feel better soon. Loss is devastating. Your vacation is going to be AMAZZZZZZING. I’m so jealous. I wish we could have done at least one tropical vacation before having kids. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave them with grandma and grandpa before too long and get out of town 🙂

    • Thanks Kenz :). I can not wait for our vacation– I haven’t been anywhere international and I’m super excited it’s going to be at an all inclusive resort! (I’m sure the grandparents would jump at the chance to watch your kiddos! I know my parents always do.)

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