Inspiration Living Rooms: A Round Up

I had every intention of doing a project last night-  Matt was going to be at class, then had some friends over, and I was going to have the whole night to myself. But then I turned on “just one episode” of Gilmore Girls (Netflix instant!), and suddenly it was 7 episodes later and I had eaten an entire Domino’s cheesy bread in my sweats under the covers and it was 11:00 so I went to bed. On the plus side though, I am extremely excited to almost be at the episodes where Lorelai and Luke get together because it is a long time coming.

ANYWAY in an attempt to be a good little blogger and not skip a whole week of posting, I thought I’d share some rooms I’m loving with you. I have a whole living room redo knocking around in my brain and these rooms are my inspiration.

First, here’s a semi recent look at my living room:

gray and white living room with zebra print

neutral gray living roomIt’s just so…. gray. Which was my goal originally and so not my goal  now. That black bench is broken beyond repair (RIP) and I have a new one picked out (on back order, hopefully I can get it soon). The black coffee and end tables were a poor choice in retrospect- black furniture and 4 pets? Helloooo visible dust and hair.

So here’s my inspiration…

(please pin from original sources)

rustic spanish blue and white living room(via Queen Emily Henderson)

I am craving white walls everywhere, and blue. So much more blue. I’m pretty sure the Sharpie Stencil Wall is on it’s way out to be replaced with a white accent wall that will match our front entrance and stair landing.

dash line accent wall - gray and white layered and textured bedroom(via The Nester)

I love the fearless random dashes on the wall, the layered textures and fabrics, and the coziness/quirkiness of this room. My living room is a bit stark and formal, which was my intention when I first put it together but not the feel I want for my home now.

yellow orange red pink rustic wood living room(via The Every Girl)

Color!! I need color in my life. The gray and white and black is making me sleepy and it needs a punch of energy. And with the color, I also am digging wood tones everywhere. I’m not a shabby chic kind of girl, but I have some good ideas on how to bring wood into the room (I’m looking at you, coffee tables)

light white glam mixed pattern living room(via Cuckoo 4 Design)

Have you checked out Cuckoo 4 Design? I love her whole house- it’s bold and stylish and shiny and it’s awesome. No matter how much I want lightness and layers and texture, I still have zebra striped chairs and they’re not going anywhere. There’s got to be a good way to mix rustic and glam and I’m going to figure it out.

SO! There you have it. And if you’re looking for even more room/project/decor inspiration, check out all my Pinterest boards HERE.


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