Getting Started with Essential Oils: Unbiased Thoughts and Reviews

First off, let me say that I am not trying to sell you essential oils. All I want to do in this little series is talk about how they’re working for me and what I’m doing with them and hopefully you can make me some suggestions too.

essential oil reviews young living now brand

This past weekend I got a Young Living essential oil starter kit and I’m super excited about it. I’ve already been oil pulling, getting allergy shots (to wean off allergy pills), and taking Juice Plus+… so trying another natural approach to things seemed like a good next step.

Before ordering the kit, I had 2 oils on hand already- Now brand lavender and orange (the Now brand is like $8 for a full ounce of oil, which is less than half the cost of Young Living oils, and I can buy them at a local shop).

Here’s how I’ve used them…


  • To scent homemade soap (how to on that is here) and lotion (here)
  • Added to my humidifier at night because it smells so calming and lovely
  • Added into a bath when my nephew slept over to chillllll him out before bed time


  • Used with my steam mop to make the floors smell great
  • Let a drop sit on a pesky label for a few seconds and it’ll peel right off
  • Also good for homemade soap and lotion (but I haven’t made any with it yet)

And in the week I’ve had the full Young Living set, I’ve used a few so far:


  • I’ve been using coconut oil instead of a night cream lately and I added this in because it’s supposed toΒ  help with skin issues. So far so good, and I love using coconut oil on my face- I know it sounds scary and like you might break out but I’ve had super good luck with it so far (and bonus- coconut oil can help reduce fine lines!)


  • We have had the windows closed since September and it is still snowing. Closed windows for 6 months in a house with 3 cats, a dog, and 2 people makes for some stale air. Purification smells AMAZING- diffusing it just in the bedroom for just 2 hours and I can still smell it on the whole second level of the house in the morning.


  • This scent is so lovely I just dabbed it on my wrist this morning and wore it as perfume


  • I put a dash of this in my tea last night, but honestly I kind of hated it. It was sort of bitter? Not for me. But I think it’d be awesome to add to a lotion or just to diffuse.

So tell me, oily friends, how else can I use this stuff? What’s your favorite way to use oils?


8 thoughts on “Getting Started with Essential Oils: Unbiased Thoughts and Reviews

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  2. All the ways you use them so far are great!! I just made and posted our recipe for bubble bath using lavender for my daughter, and we love it. We LOVE diffusing Stress Relief or Peace and Calming before bed and sometimes throughout the night; we sleep GREAT! One thing to think about is Young Living’s oils are therapeutic grade oils and are pure (which is why they cost a little more!). The oils found in the health food stores are not always pure (or safe for food and such) and have additives often times. We love our YL oils! πŸ™‚

  3. We love essential oils in our house. They are a huge help with Evelyn. I swear we really use an oil for ANYTHING that she needs. My favorite is the breathe oil. Anytime she gets a runny nose we use it with coconut oil and rub it on her chest and feet, and it’s gone so fast.

  4. I love your idea of orange in your floor steamer. Did your nephew settle down after his bath? What a great idea!

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